HAVE: lavender, feverfew

bern_2007October 27, 2007

and many more for a SASE.

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hello can I get these seeds for sasbe offer can send stamps ,zip lot bags stamps.Please

Anamone canadensis-windflower(G) 2007
Aquilegea Columbine granny bonnet pink (G) 2007
Aquilegea Columbine barlow pink (G) 2007
Candy turf thlaspi mix (G) 1 2006 and 2007
Chilean vine (B) 1 2006

Crocosmia-Lucifer seed (G) 2007 a few
Daisy (royal blue) (G) 2007

Gazania mix (G) 2007 plenty
Gazania- white (G0 2007
Grasses: purple fountain (G) 2007 plenty

Pepper (small ornamental) ember-dark purple leaves (G) 2007
Petunia wave purple(G) 2007

hope to here from you thanks

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gail_ish(5a ON)

You have mail

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I'd love some lavender seeds.I have a ton of castor..don't know if it qualifies as red (stalks and flowers are red..leaves are green.8' tall at maturity) if you want to trade. Shown in this shot at the left of the bed. growing up and over the datura.

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Very nice picture Wendy, your Datura's huge, with lots of blooms. I didn't realize they make that big of a shrub. I plan on sowing some next year for the first time. Will have to plan very carefully now. I already have that castor bean, I was looking for the red leaf type, Thanks. But your red texas sage will do me just fine. You seed will leave Monday.

Gail; sent you an email

Willy46 your seeds are in the mail.

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