WANTED: wanted: Apple scion wood

frederic_p(5b)October 18, 2013

I am looking for some apple scion wood of low maintenance / high disease resistant varieties. I would like to start top working my stupid landscaping mini apple trees that are thriving in front of my place. All of what they produce seems to end up under my shoes and on my floors...

So, any nice person to share scion wood this winter / spring?

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Nobody willing to sell me some scion wood?
Well, can at least someone point me to a commercial operation where I could buy some?

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sherylgallant(Kelowna, BC z6)

I will have a few "Gala" apple scions that I can trade you in the spring. You can see what I am looking for on my trade list. I'll take anything bulb/perennial that you might have to trade, if you want "Gala" variety. It's all that I have now. We did a major prune of the Macs and Delicious orchards in the fall. There's nothing left on those trees now.

lmk if you are interested in a trade.

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for cuttings trades, I recommend fruitiers.net (my user name is episag)
Not too many of us in Canada, but you might be able to find some cuttings for free.
I, myself, have a few cuttings of some disease resistant varieties I could provide (but not much, my trees are still small). My dad has a big Norland, so that one I could provide in bigger amount, except it is an early august apple that only last a month when you pick it up early and keep it in the fridge.

Else, you can try that farm in BC, under Scionwood:
Orders until the end of March, so hurry, not much time left! :)

Good luck! :)

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Not sure exactly how to do this but willimg to send you some small cittings that you could take scions from. I have a modern dwarf apple that has really lovely tasting apple
Also modern yellow harvest apples
I have an out of this world old variety that has white flesh
With pink veins running throughout. Just pruned a bunch
Of trees so let me know soon if you are interested please otherwise all willbe burned

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Thanks signet!
Please just wrap the cuttings in cling wrap and stick them in a regular envelope! Postage should be 2 regular stamps.

I'll email you my postal address.

Thanks again!

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