Favorite bucket to pick up weeds and deadhead

ginjjJune 22, 2011

I'd love to find a container to drop spent flowers in as I deadhead flowers when walking around my garden.

I'd love to find something that has a stiff handle so I don't have to bend very much to move it from plant to plant to plant. I'm only 5' so it doesn't have to be really tall (which would make this search even more difficult I'd think.)

What have you found useful?



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I am some what handicapped and 80 years so the "tugs" came out and I got one. It is light for me to carry and tug around.

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What are "tugs?" I just looked online briefly and don't see anything.

Thanks for sharing!!


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I think "trugs" is what was meant. My favorite is an old smallish basket peaches came in. Light, rigid, can hang over my and leave both hands relatively free. If I forget (I do this a lot) and leave it out in the yard, so what. It was free.

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