Veggie containers sited in mixed border

bungalow_houseMay 22, 2010

Does anyone have containers sitting in ornamental beds? Due to space, soil, and sun limitations, this is the only way I can try a tomato. Now I'm thinking I can tuck a few more containers here and there. I'd love to see photos if anyone has done this 'artfully'. :)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

bungalow house, I have not done it but I have thought about doing it. I think if your space is limited, it is a perfect solution. I can't imagine a huge tomato p*lant, so maybe I would consider putting in a cherry tomato plant and some of them are very good looking. I'm trying to think of one I grew a couple of years ago and the name just doesn't want to come

If you use a nice large pot that is attractive and fits in with your plants in the bed and you add a pretty cage or trellis or even bamboo pole tripods, you could really make it pretty.

'Black Cherry' is the name I was trying to remember. It is a pretty plant. My DH prefers the taste of Sungold cherry tomatoes but I remember noticing how attractive Black Cherry was.

The only problem you will find is that if the tomato plant starts to decline and looking awful later in the season, if you want to pull it you will have a hole there. If you can plan for that, you could make it work.

Pepper and E*ggplant are attractive plants too, that I think can work into a border nicely. Again, I would plan on some kind of attractive support because in containers they do get a little top heavy with fruit on them.

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I have not done veggies in pots recently but I do place pots of flowers in the ornamental beds. Right now I have columbine and coreopsis in pots in the beds. But I have grown many veggies in the ground inside the garden beds. Most veggie plants are attractive I think, and I have grown tomatoes (you can grow cherry variety or determinate meaning a bush type that doesn't vine all over. I've grown white and japanese ichiban eggplant, peppers, even squash among some garden pavers in a path. I also grow beans on the chain link fence. Oh I have grown a pretty purple dwarf okra in a pot inside the garden bed, that was last year. Go for it!

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