have: have - updated my seeds list...

smurf428November 14, 2008

I updated my seed list, I'm looking for flowers or grasses.. Let me know if you want to swap..

Thanks Jen

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Hi Jen..I'm ok for seeds, but I noticed you were looking for elephant ears. I have successfully bought "eddo" or "taro" roots at the grocery store and grown some pretty impressive plants. Look for any 'bulbs' that have protuberances, especially green ones. Pot them up with the green 'knobs' pointing up out of the growing medium, or toss the bulb into a ziplok of damp soil and put it on top of the fridge.
Way cheaper than the 6-7 bucks that the nurseries want for rootstock (50cents to a buck for the edible grocery root).


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I don't want to hijack Jen's thread, but wanted to ask about your experience growing eddoes.
I just started thinking about doing the exact thing. I saw them in the grocery store. I had never seen them before so I looked them up and found that they are 'growable' as ornamentals but didn't really find the info that I would like.
Could you tell me about how you went about it? I mean when did you start them and how big did they grow and where did you grow them (pot, garden, shade, sun?) How big were the tubers that you grew? I was going to pick out the smallest ones but some of them were fairly small--maybe about three inches long by about two inches wide. They are super cheap--less than a dollar a pound, so not much to put out even if they flop I guess. :)

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