WANTED: Did anyone ever find out what the 'spear' seeds are

hmacdona1November 21, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone managed to find out what the spear seeds were from the last seed exchange that Kenny organized.

The person that contributed those seeds may not have read our prior posts asking for more information.

Would appreciate any further information.


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Hi Heather ,
I wasnt involved in the seed swap with Kenny but I wonder is it possible you have King's Spear seeds there ? here is a little info about King's Spear aka Jacob's Rod ( ASPHODELINE lutea) It is a really pretty plant ! Might be a little touch and go for you in your zone though.

Jacob's Rod; King's Spear

Dense racemes of fragrant, bright yellow flowers on tall spikes in late spring. Blue-green grassy foliage. Well-drained soil in sun. I tried unsuccessfully to germinate seeds for this variety over a period of several years before it showed up suddenly and unexpectedly in the garden here. Quite lovely and easy to grow.
36" x 12" z 5

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Yes, someone did send in King's Spear seeds, but they were labelled king's spear. The King's spear seeds are irregular little chunks, but the SPEAR seeds were tiny like poppy seeds

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Thanks for sharing your idea Signet.

Whatever these seeds are, the plant produces a lot of seed. As Kenny indicated, they are tiny like poppy seeds and the package I received was quite full, so this plant has to be a heavy producer of seed or I can't see someone sending that many seeds in one package.

I sure hope the person that sent them in pops in on this post to give us a brief description of what the plant looks like.

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I though for a moment it might be a cultivar called 'Spear' but I haven't found any cultivar called 'Spear' from searching the plantfiles from Dave's Garden

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