Seems the season is starting

organic_kitten(8)May 25, 2014

I have become worthless about getting out and taking was almost noon and the sun had been out today, so not so pretty, but I have several:

Water Drops (Saturday photo)

Fernstone Triple...sun faded but still pretty:

New Paradigm (Saturday photo)

Bob Watson:

Lime Octopus...Friday photo, this is a bonus from Bill Maryott. It actually bloomed in the Winter (In a pot moved in and out of greenhouse according to cold weather. It is a lovely green that fades to lemon yellow after a day in the sun)

Artemio is too much like Bob Watson, so it is leaving, but here today:

Colorado Moon stone:

Rowdy Red (Saturday photo) This one really deteriorated over the winter. It's always been a very healthy plant, but it is sown to a single fan...I will try petting it and see what happens:

Patricia Snider Memorial: (Saturday photo)

Purple Mask was also blooming, but faded after 5 hours of sun. Many scapes are up, and we will see how it goes.


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Nancy zone 6

Wonderful blooms! Patricia Snider is always a favorite, gotta get that one. New Paradigm is gorgeous too. Does Artemio just not as good a bloomer as Bob Watson? I can see they are very similar, I like the slight ruffle on the edges. You got a nice bonus, Lime Octopus looks very cool with that green hue.

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Mint Octopus is a great color. Bud count in the pot is not all that great, but will be better in the garden. How would you describe the base color on Patricia Snider Memorial? I see pictures ranging from white to cream to yellow.

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Maryl zone 7a

Fernstone has been on my maybe list for awhile. How bad does it fade by late afternoon? It's still colorful in your early PM picture, but if it bleaches out to a paler color I'd like to know......... Of the three similar colored daylilies - Bob Watson, Artemio and Colo. Moonstone, I think the form on Artemio looks nicer in your pictures - plus it has a larger yellow throat. But I don't grow any of them so you are the ultimate judge. They are all pretty though, and after this winter, I'd be hesitant to pitch anything out that even marginally resembled one I really liked.....Getting parinoid I know-lol.........Maryl

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well, Kay, You havem ore blooming then I do,it looks like.I really like Fermstone, That one is really pretty.I had New Paradigm blooming today, too, it was faded b y the time I went out today, too.I just haven't felt like gtting up early yo take pictures, either.Didnt sleep last night, was awake almost all night, so didn't want to go take pictures today.I don't have that many blooming yet, but, proably will have by the end of next week.Its been soo hot here last few days,and one of my ac's is not working/I have 2 small window units.


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I like Patricia Snider Memorial. Mine is 2 years old so should show me lots of blooms this year. Can't wait.

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Thanks for looking. Nancy, Artemio is as good a bloomer, but the substance of Bob Watson is very gorgeous, and Artemio tends to splotchiness at times. And I don't want two so similar in appearance. I was very pleasantly surprised at the color of Mint Octopus, and it will stay because it is a different color.

Mantis, PSM is anything from almost white to pale yellow in the same year. I really think the warmer temp tends to more of the yellow tint.

Maryl, Colorado Moonstone is more of a light corally orange than a pink like BW and Artemio. It also is a really good bloomerand really good repeat bloomerI like the satiny look of BW better than Artemio, so it stays. Fernstone gets no lighter than my midday photo showed. It is a really good plant.

Jean, I probably have more plants than you, so more would be blooming. i, too, have been bad about getting up early to take photos.


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shive(6b TN)

The pattern on Water Drops is so pretty in that photo! And I always love Patricia Snider Memorial!

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