Sandi_W(7b/8)May 6, 2013

I just typed a long message and got bumped off line. Now just going to say it's cold and wet. I want to go out and garden!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Where do you live? It really pretty here. You can come garden with me.

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Kathy, I would love to come garden with you. I know I would learn so much. I'm about 30-40 miles south of Jackson, MS. It's still wet from all of the rain we've had and cloudy and cold. It's in the 50s, but if the sun came out it would be tolerable. I even have the gas fire going.

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I've had that same experience, Sandi!
It's enough to make you want to throw your computer out into the dad-gummed yard! Irritating things!

You are getting the same nasty, cold wet stuff we've been having. Our normal spring is over due by more than 6 weeks! Five times now we've had cold fronts move into the state and threaten to ruin all our flowers and preventing anyone from starting their veggie gardens. Normally by now I would be starting to pick my first Early Girl Tomatoes. There would have been green onions, peas, salad greens, radishes, mustard and turnips greens, spinach, and all the cole crops. I think we can just kiss those early crops all goodbye this year.

So, I hear ya! I'm sick of this too.
Today, the cold front has moved on off and it has warmed up...a little. The sun is shining...well, it's partly cloudy and supposed to rain again this week....but the weathermen are saying (again) that this weekend's cold snap was the last of it for this spring and that we can now safely set out plants. Supposed to warm up quickly into the 80s. No Spring??? Watch it instantly become scorching hot summer. I could just scream!!!!

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Well, it's in Alabama too. We had the lowest high (sounds funny, doesn't it) yesterday that has ever been recorded here. It is dreary and no sun and damp from all the rain. AND they are predicted another cold front next week. Is winter ever leaving?

Yes, and it will be just what Annie says...Scorching! I'll scream with you, and everyone can hear.

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We had such an early warm spring last year that I decided to start tomatoes early this year...well they are getting leggy in their pots out on the deck. I am attain to plant them out. I have potted them up once already snd one is starting to bud. I think I will go ahead and plant thrm out tomorrow.

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sweetannie, starting tomorrow for the rest of the week our weather is supposed to be high 70s to low 80s. Even rain Fri and Sat temps in high 70s. My Roma tomatoes have a few flowers each, but plants are still pretty small. None of my other veggies are doing much of anything. I had small veggies on everything this time last year.

Kay, if AL has another cold front coming we probably do to. I'm so ready for warm weather.

trovesoftrilliums, I hope you get your tomatoes out. It took me a month after buying (I potted them all in larger pots) to get them in the ground.

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