OT: Veggie Gardens really doing well. Pics.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)May 27, 2012

I had the veggie garden crazies long before I got any of my flower garden crazies but I had really cut back in recent years. Now that I have finially finished adding new flower beds and finished the worst of my moving things around (you know I will always find something I have to move) I have really gotten back into the veggie gardening. There is nothing better than getting fresh veggies to cook for dinner from your own garden!

Here is the tomato garden area I already had from last year but enlarged to make longer at each end. So now there are 12 tomatoes growing in there, two rows of six. I put two bags of compost on them and they are really happy.

The new veggie garden I put in a few weeks ago and used up the very last of the lawn here. It has two rows of four each tomatoes to make eight tomatoes. Then it has lettuce at the ends and celery and brocolli raab along the very middle.

Not having much room, I made a chive and dill planter bowl and also one of oakleaf lettuce. Then the longer planter has Bright Lights Swiss Chard.

Here is a closeup of the dill and chive bowl.

I have some bush salad cucumbers planted in this big bowl planter. Upstairs in the main path that runs thru the big backyard daylily bed, I have the rest of my cucumbers planted.

I have various assorted climbing beans planted in pots. one type to a pot. I have five pots of beans. This one is Blue Lake string beans. The other pots are Spanish Musica european beans, and Red Noodle Chinese Yard Long Beans, Gren Noodle Chinese Yard Long Beans and Chinese Asparagus Beans. I also have three pots of peas.

I ordered some exotic cucumber seeds and will be starting more types of cucumbers soon.

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Nancy zone 6

Your gardens look yummy....lovely. I haven't tried beans in a pot. I have tomatoes & peppers planted & they are doing great. I planted some dill, basil, summer & zucchini squashes just a week or 2 ago. I passed by the garden & realized weeds were getting very close to the edge & decided to weed it later that afternoon when it got cool. I went out to weed, DH had decided to weedeat the weeds. And the little basil, cucumbers & squashes. At least he didn't get the tomato plants. They have been blooming some. I was trying black plastic to help keep the weeds down, had put it around the tomatoes & peppers, but waited to put it around the stuff I direct seeded. I guess he thought they were weeds too :) Ah well, I still have more seeds. I have some type of yard long bean seeds, I haven't even heard of some of yours. I need to go look them up. My cucumbers didn't come up, so I need to try them again.
Your gardens look so very tidy & are growing great!

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Your veggies and herbs look very nice!

I'm like you - I started gardening with veggies and herbs and roses, then went to annuals, then perennials - with daylilies coming in there and dominating all for a while. (Oh, yeah - I have several bearded irises too - mostly for something to look at in spring, and because at least the deer won't eat THOSE!)

I have several 18" raised beds in my (fenced, deer proof) side yard, which were originally meant to be split between most-of-the-year-color (roses, perennials, selected daylily cultivars, heuchera, lantana, violas), daylily seedlings, and my veggies and herbs. For a while, the daylily seedlings took over part of the area meant for veggies, but now I am reclaiming that space for more veggies (more tomatoes and peppers, a pattypan squash (over DH's dead body), more basil, and an attempt at watermelon (to mollify DH, lol).

(The daylily seedlings were somewhat problematic in those 18" beds unless I yanked them out right after first bloom - they really dug themselves in well and were a fight to get out. I have almost all of them out now, and am going to have to try something different (probably tree pots - I bought a bunch for that purpose) for the new seedlings.)

Back on topic - I don't think I saw any onions in your garden? Last season I grew my first onions - bunching onions (effectively green onions) and let me tell you, they are NOTHING like the ones you can get at the grocery store or even the farmers' market! Pluck those babies and take them straight to the salad bowl - mmm tender and delicious!

Best wishes for a productive and delicious season. ;)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I used to grow onions. But I have seed here now and haven't planted it. I do love scallons and always used to put in onion sets. It is rather difficult to find space for the veggies as the flowers (roses, daylilies, iris and lilies mostly) have really taken over any available space.

But I used to grow lots of beans although not the yard longs that are new to me, peas, lettuce, onions, beats, cucumbers, melons, brocolli, parsely, peppers, tomatillos and of course tomatoes. I never tried either summer squash or regular squash nor egplant. Grew watermelon once but poor production for so much space, never tried again.

I have so many seeds here still to start. I plan to put in a Fall crop of greens, too late now to start more lettuce. Plan on brocoli and peas for a fall crop again also. But I still have various exotic (new to me) cucumber seeds to start. Armenian Cucumber and various asian cucumber seeds to start. I have no place to put them which means more pots will likely appear. But I am working on a small patch over around the other side of my front porch were I have some roses. Have already dug some roses out and tossed them. Plus I have about ten more roses to move. Then my fall plantings will go there and if I can get it done quickly enough, I can get a trellis up for those cucumbers and more beans.

Nancy, so sorry your hubby weedwacked your baby veggies!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Its all looking very good, Rita.The tomatoe plants are so pretty.I have never tried to grow any other veggies in pots, just tomatoes. but see no reason for it not to work. can grow anything in pots as long as they get water,is what I always saidjean

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shive(6b TN)

Your veggie gardens look very well-planned. I know you will enjoy harvesting all that fresh produce. How do you keep up with all the tomatoes. I've had two plants in the past, and they produced way too many tomatoes for my husband and me to eat. Do you give away a lot of your tomatoes?


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Jean, sorry that your tomato plants got burned up leaves. I guess you have to be extra careful in the heat.

Debra, I could eat tomatoers all the time and never get too much. But I do give lots away to friends and neighbors that love home grown tomatoes. Always have extra cucumbers also that I share. Honestly, I had cut WAY back on the tomato plants for the past two years and didn't have many extras to give away. I had a lot of unhappy neighbors wondering if I had extra tomatoes. So this year I put in lots of tomato plants again because I guess the neighborhood here is used to having produce from Rita's Tomato Farm LOL!

I used to cook some down to freeze and then I can use that for making sauce to adding to chili but haven't done that in a while as didn't have the extras to cook.

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Thsy are lovely, Rita. so healthy and delicious looking.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I picked some of the lettuce to go with my hamberger last night. So nice to just go out and get what you need right there in the garden. I am just so pleased with my veggies this year and will be more pleased when I get to pick em.

I am so into this veggie thing this year that I am starting more types of cucumber seeds. Exotic types I have never tried before, had never even heard of before. And then I also already ordered seed for things that will be the Fall crop here like more peas and greens and brocolli. Deffinately the veggie crazies are back for me.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Can't grow brocoli in the heat of summer. You plant them early spring in the cool weather. Then another crop can be done for Fall. They are VERY easy to start from seed though. I would say you would need to plant them 16-18 inches apart.

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