New favorite fuchsia.....

alison(6b/OH)June 20, 2002

Okay; this is my first favorite fuchsia! Normally I don't like them all that much; they look like what interior decorators would come up with if they designed flowers to complement furniture.

But I picked up a "Lottie Hobby" at a neighborhood plant sale, and I'm totally in love. I have it hanging from the fire escape next to my back door, and sometimes I stick my head out the door to look at it and smile.

If you haven't seen it, it's a miniature (I guess). My plant is already about 18", but the leaves are tiny, and the flowers are teeny-tiny. I mean, like 1/4"! Perfectly formed little... well... fuchsia colored trumpets, with a touch of white.

Normally I'm not a fan of cute, but you gotta love a plant that makes you giggle!

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souns lovely Alison. But I can't seem to keep Fuchsias, They always die on me. I love all of them, my husband even likes them, but I hate to hurt a good plant! Lol. any tips would be greatly appreciated, maybe I will try again,

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moonsaga(z7/8 OR)

hi linda,

Try a magellanica type.. they are very hardy.


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ebang(Sunset 17)

I like my Lye's Unique a lot, though I've just started getting different varieties, so who knows who will be my fav in the end!

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

I fell in love with fuschia the first time I saw it. However I can't seem to find any.. Would any of you happen to want to give me a cutting?

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

Nevermind about the cutting. I am already getting one. but I like the Blue Lace Fuchsia best.

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I'm so glad you found some. Unfortunately, I lost my Lottie Hobbie by the end of the summer. (Went on vacation in August and came back to find everything burned to a crisp!) But I'll be looking for some soon.....

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