What are you feeding your daylilies?

ibartoo(z8 sc)May 3, 2009

Hi everyone, I was wondering what you are feeding your daylilies with. I have just started several new beds and filled them with daylilies, but I am not sure what best food may be. Any help is greatly appreciated. Linda

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Hi Linda:
I swear by the Hooker formula for my daylilies, gardenias and tomatoes.


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I've been spooning a few coffee grounds around my DL's this year and they seem to love it.

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I use Bulb plant food.

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I use Bulb-tone, made by espoma company based in NJ. It's organic based and they seem to love it.

If you can afford kelp meal I highly recommend that too. It's full of micro-nutrients and really encourages earthworms which help to aerate the soil. It does tend to be costly, at least in my area.

Happy gardening,

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I mix up Hooker's Formula and feed in the spring. And then water, water, water during hot, dry spells. Daylilies need water when we don't get rain.


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Ok? What is the Hooker Formula. I sprinkle Vigaro early in spring around each plant and have lately been watering
with Miracle Grow Soluble Plant Food. I'm kinda new to daylily growing, but Miracle Grow always makes my potted,
deck flowers perk up and bloom well.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

I use slow release plant food. I've seen the Hooker formula before but have never used it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hooker formula

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Nothing but good ol' compost and horse poo.


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Very interesting! I have never heard of using bulb food on daylilies - I do use PlantTone(made by Espoma, probably the same company that makes BulbTone) in a mixture. Well, what I use is so weird it is kind of embarrasing to mention it. It is a formula I mix consisting of PlantTone, Milorganite and Osmocote and a granular Bayer formula for thrips and aphids. I have used the "modified" Hooker solution from time to time (no insecticide)but it is a lot of work! And that fish emulsion is about the nastiest stuff I've ever smelled, plus it attracts skunks around here ( not a good thing). They dug up some new plants trying to find the fish, apparently. I still use Epsom Salts from time to time.

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Same as Karen, except composted donkey manure and compost.

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I use about 1/2 cup bone meal in the hole when I plant. Then normally I throw out some 10-10-10 a couple times a year before a good rain. This year I did a high nitrogen granular, I guess that was about a month ago. I think I'll stick with doing that in the spring from now on. I've never seen my daylilies so green. And they're huge, but that could be because of all the rain too..

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

Thanks for all of your input. I think I will try the hookers formula. I have started several new daylily beds and would love to get them off to a great start. Linda

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How is the Hooker formula different or better than any other fertilizer mix? I'm curious. Does anybody know?

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