WANTED: Lot of different things to trade!

MrChip72November 20, 2012

See youtube link to a seed exchange I set up there.


I'm looking for heirloom strawberries, different tomato and pepper varieties, and a few other things.

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I looked at your video and there are 2 things I am interested in, the Meyer Lemon seeds and the Hardy Kiwi seeds. I have just posted my trade list so please have a look and see if there is anything you would like. I also have some hot Thai pepper seeds I forgot to put on the list. Question: Can you grow horseradish from seeds? Have you ever tried using stevia instead of sugar? BTW, I buy powdered Stevia at the Bulk Barn, its an extract. It comes from Herbal Select and is in a white box. Marg

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You can grow horseradish from seeds, but they're very hard to come by since like carrots it takes two years for a horseradish plant to go to seed. Most people just start from roots which is also easier and faster. I should be able to offer horseradish roots for trade in the spring though and you can get a harvest the same year. I've used stevia extract for years instead of sugar. I like the flavour, but it's abit of a pain so use Splenda more often in my coffee.

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Here is my list:
I would like you to recommend some productive and tasty food for me, if it does not take too much of your time.
Does the hardy kiwi need to have male and female plant? I have two Jacob that never bear any fruit.
Do you have a productive tomato for sauce making?

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