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myasoulNovember 1, 2008


I am a complete newbie to Gardenweb! I have spent the last week combing through the forums trying to digest everything. I am looking for outdoor and indoor seeds to expand on what I have (not much). The more I see, the more I want, haha. I am really not sure what I am looking for exactly, but I love unusual plants. If anyone is willing to donate seeds, I will be sure to return the favor. If anyone lives in the Ottawa area, I can prepare some Jade and spider plant cuttings for you. I need to learn about seed gathering, because I have lupins, chives (garlic and regular) that I would love to donate, but I think that will have to wait until next season.

I hope I will get some feedback, and look forward to learning more. I am LOVING this.


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Hi Myasoul,

Can you be more specific about what you are looking for ? Unusual means something different to everyone . I would love to be able to assist a fellow gardener ....so list some seeds you would love to get . You just never know I may have some to share .


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Thanks for the advice! To be more specific, I guess I can share my wishlist:

1) Tulips, specifically Dark purple tulips (they take my breath away)
2) Any columbine flowers
3) Hosta, any (the magical plant, my mother gave me half of her plant, I split it in three, and they exploded)
4) snapdragon
5) iris (any)

To be more specifc, I live in Ottawa (zone 5) and am looking for flowers. I pictured something with single blooms that would stick out amongst the mass of green I have in the backyard. I will admit that I want something that will have a "wow" factor. My mother has a natural green thumb, and I want her to come by and say "Wow, I never would've thought". An annual or perennial.

Thank you for your reply!


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Hi Again Myasoul , Well, I think I can help you out a bit anyway. If you want to email me then I can send my address and you can send an sasbe and I will put in some seeds that I think might meet your wishes.


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