Frilly Bliss first blooms and lots of others

avedon_gwMay 19, 2012

First blooms on Frilly Bliss, just love them, and there is one other first, a Jack Carpenter reject. Also, the usual suspects that I think deserve to be seen again, and maybe a surprise. Avedon

First bloom Frilly Bliss

Frilly Bliss #2

J. C. reject that I call "Pumpkin Plum"

Triplets on Imperial Lemon--check out the poly on the center bloom

Our row of Imperial Lemon

Nearly forgot this baby, it bloomed yesterday for the first time. I think this is the pink version of the 'ditch lily'.

Persian Market Twins

Clump shot of unnamed seedling

Clump shot another unnamed seedling

Clump shot of our "Bold Tiger" lookalike

Another unnamed seedling--our daughter likes this one

Clump shot of above seedling

Burning Inheritance Twins--such an intense color

The surprise is the butterfly on our blue plumbago--enjoy!!

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shive(6b TN)

Such a lot of bright colors from your garden! I love the lavender seedling and the butterfly photo.


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Well I found another one to put on my list, Imperial Lemon. It's such a nice soft shade of yellow. The Persian Market twins are so nice and the Bold Tiger lookalike is really nice to. Marg

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Love those clumps! Daylilies always look extra great in nice clumps like that. I am going to pick Imperial Lemon as my favorite. Partly because of the poly bloom but also because of the great show it is putting out for you en mass like that. Very, very nice.

I love plumbago, mine blooms much later than this. But what a lovely butterfly that is.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

I really love Imperial Lemon! And you got a very good shot of that butterfly. Suckers move too fast for me usually. :(

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Nancy zone 6

Great clump photos, I'm not usually big on yellows, but Imperial Lemon is really drawing my attention too.

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Julia NY(6)

Avedon, that clump of Bold Tiger look alike is stunning. Wow, that really caught my eye. Your last seedling clump pic is also impressive.Wonderful pics.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

AVEDON. I love every photo of all your gorgeous blooms.You been holding out on us, with that gorgeous display of Imperial lemon daylilies, thats gorgeous, and I just love all your seedlings.That red one is very pretty, too.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

So much color, you have! My Frilly Bliss isn't blooming yet! In act, most of mine aren't blooming yet. Love the butterfly shot...Ellie

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To all of you who like Imperial Lemon--I guess I am somewhat surprised, because it is a yellow daylily with no frills, horns, fringe, etc. It dates to 1985, and it was a cheapo I bought from a garden catalog company several years ago. Nevertheless, it's always been a great one for us. One of the advantages of having these three big clumps is that you can also get the fragrance. Debra and Julia, the lavender seedling you like will likely be named for our daughter. Julia, when I walked out this morning and saw "Bold Tiger Lookalike", I could hardly believe it. I went right back into the house and got the camera. Thanks, all, for your interest and comments, and it's always pure luck when I get a good butterfly shot. Avedon

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Hmmm...I looked at this early this morning and thought I had answered it then. I always love the hot ones, so I love burning Inheritance. But your butterfly photo is a beauty; such nice clear detail! But, that being said, Frilly Bliss is awfully pretty, and I adore clumps! Very pretty and lots to enjoy here.

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Your clumps are awesome! I love IMPERIAL LEMON and your PERSIAN MARKET is a lot more vivid than mine. Such beautiful colors in your garden.


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