Garden pics - week of August 20th

marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern OntarioAugust 20, 2006

Here are a few from my garden today. There isn't much different lately, so thank goodness for annuals! :)

Blanc Double de Coubert:

I put a cypress vine in a container (because i didn't know where else to put it!). Looks like it might even bloom a bit. There have been some flowers but not a lot and they weren't very impressive.

Osteospermum 'Passion Mix' finally blooming - these didn't do as well this year as last.

Stocks (can't remember which variety, but they aren't 'Night Scented' - though they MAY be scented at night and i haven't sniffed them!)

Peach Stella - one of the three plants i ordered from Dominion Seed House this spring. It's kind of pretty, isn't it?

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Peach Stella is very cute Marcia. I've also got the cypress vine, and it's growing quite well, but sure doesn't have many flowers on it. I think the most it's had is 5 or 6 in one day. I'm not terribly impressed with it either.

Here's some pics from my VERY dry garden.

Alstroemeria 'Camilla'

'Iceberg' is just loaded with blooms. I think this one's a keeper!

The Lobelia Cardinalis and garlic chives are doing very well by the pond.

Ligularia 'Desdemona'

The cantalopes are doing really well this year. Does anyone know how to tell when they're ripe for picking?

Here's my only glad that's a different colour other than just plain yellow or white.

Yahoo!! My brugmansia is blooming!

My dragon's wing begonia is doing well too.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Laurie, i've never grown cantaloupes myself (though this would have been a good year) but i've read that they're ripe when the skin inside the "netting" is beige, and if you sniff the blossom end, it smells nice and cantaloupe-y.

I took a picture of a double purple datura that just bloomed this morning. Does it smell nice! Wow! I need a bigger bedroom window to plant all these smelly things near it!

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Thanks Marcia, I guess I'll wait a couple more weeks for those cantaloupes to mature. There's 8 or 9 of them, and I'm soooo looking forward to having a scoop of ice cream with a half melon. Yum!

I picked up this spring, what was supposed to be a double purple datura, but it ended up being just the single white, which is still pretty too. My double yellow is just blooming it's head off now. The other day there were about 7 blooms on it, and the scent was fabulous. Not sure why it's only called a double flower, because it's got three flowers inside themselves. I think it should be called a triple flower!lol
Can you post the pic of the double purple, so that I know what I'm missing??

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Laurie, you can tell when the cantalope are ready to pick because they slip. Meaning the stems let go either by themselves or with a light tap.

We already ate all the cantalopes out of the greenhouse this year. Last night we ate the first speggetti squash.
I was doing the happy dance. LOL!!!! Got lots of peppers this year and "ripe" tomatoes...tons of them. Its been a good year for the first year with a greenhouse here.

That glad is a gorgeous colour too. Hope to find more time soon to post some pics of mine.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Thanks Sierra. These guys aren't letting go yet, so we'll keep waiting patiently! My spaghetti squash will be awhile too, as they're still pretty small. But I'm gonna have a bumper crop of pumpkins this year!

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alalbertaz2b(z2 AB)

Gorgeous pics everyone!!! I used to grow cantelope in my greenhouse and were always yummy. I quit growing them because they would take over the greenhouse and I had no room for anything else and they would never do anything outside.
Anyway here are a few pics from my garden this week.


Rose 'Prairie Dawn'

Lobelia Mix

Iceland Poppies

Late blooming Tiger lilies


Some Coleus with one of my cannas


Tomato 'Lemon Boy'

Canna 'Journeys End'

Hopefully more next week.

Cheers Al

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echoes_or(Zone 3)

Lovely pictures. Here is a Spirea that was supposed to have been moved to another spot. Didn't realize that a root had remained but it's very pretty. Had to shoot the picture looking up because it grew so tall this year.

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Here's a couple more for this week.

Euphorbia aka Snow on the Mountain.

I just did some reading up on euphorbia, and I didn't realize that the sap can cause severe burns to the skin. I guess I'll have to remember to wear gloves when I pull them up this fall.

This is my last daylily flower for the year. At least for my more unusual ones anyway. I noticed today that Stella d'Oro has a new scape coming, and a ditch lily still has a few buds to go. This is 'Parade of Peacocks'.

Where did the summer go???? :(

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Laurie, here are two pictures of the double purple datura. Neither of them turned out that well (one's with the flash and one isn't), and it didn't open any wider than that. Sorry i couldn't photograph the scent! :)

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Great pics everyone!

Mentzelia decapetala Giant Evening Star
Susan, mine are blooming too, exotic flower alright!

Chrysanthum rubrum 'Dutchess of Windsor'
Thanks Marcia for sending me a division ;)

Chrysanthemum x morifolium ÂMorden CanaryÂ

Chrysanthemum x morifolium ÂMorden Fiesta PurpleÂ

Sedum spectabile ÂMatronaÂ

Zinnia elegans ÂZowie! Yellow FlameÂ

Rudbeckia hirta ÂIndian Summer & Verbena bonariensis

Liatris spicata Blazing Star

Eupatorium purpureum ssp. maculatum ÂGatewayÂ


Here is a link that might be useful: More Photos for Week of August 20th

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Sharon, i was going to ask you about the 'Fiesta Purple' mum. Mine did nothing this year - last summer, it bloomed all summer and this year it came up but barely grew, and no blooms. Do they need some special treatment or something? My dendranthemum (chrysanthemum, whatever!) is just starting to bloom now. Yours looks great!

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Beautiful Mums Sharon! Your yard must be just bursting with colour with all those flowers.

Thanks for posting those datura pics Marcia. It's funny that it didn't open up more. Maybe the next flower will for you. You'll have to let me know whether there's 2 or 3 flowers within each other.

Here's another pic of my "triple" yellow ;^)

Yes, you just can't beat the scent on daturas!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

That's what my yellow looks like, Laurie, except it's all yellow. It's called "Ballerina Yellow". The seeds came from Patrick Studio. There was another flower on the purple one this morning but it must have been there yesterday and was already wilted. It was a little more open than the other one was. There are a couple more buds on it so i'll keep an eye on it and try to get pictures when they're fully open.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Laurie, my yellow Daturas look the same as yours, they're called Datura metel Triple Yellow from JL Hudson.

Marcia, save seed from your Double Purple if you can, I tried sowing some 'Blackcurrant Swirl' last Feb with no success ;)

I don't do anything special with the Garden Mums, other than don't let them dry out, they have shallow roots and need constant moisture. Mulch and compost good around the plants and divide every 3 years.

Two new ones that I purchased eary this spring are called Morden Firestorm and Tigertail, not much of a show this year but I expect them to be grand next year.

Yeah I know they just had to fuss and reclassify the name to Dendranthemum, but to me Chrysanthemums will always be Chrysanthemums in my garden ;)


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