Rhodos: Pete & Repete

Calamity_J(z7bc)May 23, 2011

So this spring I was all gung ho and wanted to add a few evergreen shrubs to my garden, I bought a nice healthy looking rhodo that said it was orange and called "golden gate", been waiting for it to bloom....yesterday I went to a Fleamarket and bought a very gorgeous rhodo: didn't come with a name, but I just Loved the color(this may or may not be an influence from a garden friend down the road whose garden just happens to be gorgeously blooming)(featuring rhodos/azealias/etc) I also came home with some new irises(may or may not be influenced by certain posts/pics here on the forum:-),(Fiesta time/Bronze/Cloudless Sunrise). Now as I was unloading said items(placing with all the other plants needing to be planted(hubby never seems to notice growing pile) when I spotted my "Golden gate was in Bloom!!! So when I placed the new rhodo beside it....well, yup! The same!!!

Here is a pic of Pete & Repeat, new iris, and my yard early yesterday morning, with the fog....

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Oooh! Calamity!

I love those rhododendrons.

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Question: In the first picture of the fog, you can see where the previous owner of this property has planted red azealia at either end of the firepit area(in bloom), do you think it would be too much to add Pete and Repete the same way, like right behind each? Or is that too repetative?

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