HELP! Leyland Cypresses turning brown from inside out.

RachaeleganJuly 27, 2014

Landscaper planted 28 Leyland Cypress trees (7ft tall) for me in the Spring, and they are all turning brown from the inside out. (about 5 inches starting from trunk out) I watered regularly, and we had a lot of rain storms....
Huge cost. Please help. They look like they might be planted a bit deep. Could this be it? Anything else? Can i save them?

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

A picture and location would help.
Just guessing, but I think they're on their way to growing larger than you want.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

based ont eh pic provided.. i have no opinion ...

but interior browning is NORMAL ... and increased by transplant.. ESPECIALLY on huge transplants ...

if it goes toward growth points.. your watering is failing ...

they are stressed.. feeding them will not help ... and these plants will never need fert anyway ...

if you had asked in advance.. i would have suggested you avoided a 28 plant monoculture ...

be nice to know where you are ...


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