mrs.mickiJuly 14, 2006

My glady bulbs sprouted and were doing great,now the stems and leaves are all turning yellowish, what did or am I doing wrong ? I have mulch down, could it be to close to the base of the plants? Any help would be great.Still kinda new at bulb planting , everyone here has been a great help!!!!!! Thanks Micki

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Glads are the sort of bulbs that do well where the planting place has been prepared ahead of planting. Later this month, or next, is the time to dig in compost and leave it over the winter. Then, next year, about a month before you're ready to plant, fork over the ground to mix the compost through, add some superphosphate, bone dust, and some sulphate of potash (4oz, 3oz, 2oz - mixed together and sprinkled on when you're doing that preplanting forking).

They don't need mulch, usually, and any watering should be a good, deep soaking followed by lightly cultivating the surface to break up any crust.

You didn't say whether your bulbs have flowered. If you planted early then they may actually have finished for the year and be ready for lifting. Save the spawn and plant them out like peas (in rows) in May, if that's warm enough in your area. They'll grow on and be ready to plant for flowering the following year.

If you want a succession of glads then you can plant some in April, May and June. There's about 90 days between planting and flowering.

Hope that helps a bit. You might also want to check with the folk on the Bulbs forum, and see if there's anything on their 'search' facility.

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Tanks and no they have not bloomed.Most of them have died off. Last year I planted some and they did great, don't know what happened this year I didn't do anything different.

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