Do you grow Carpet Roses? Picture

oakleyokMay 24, 2010

So far I haven't found anyone who grows Carpet Roses besides myself. Does anyone here grow them?

I was wanting to tell you how perfect they are for a border plant. They take pruning really well and are prolific bloomers. All I do is water and give them Rose food every couple of weeks.

These were teeny tiny when I ordered them from QVC last year.

Right flowerbed:

Left flowerbed.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I have Flower Carpet Appleblossom and love it. They are easy roses and very pretty.

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I only have one flower carpet. Its the Apple Blossom and I have it growing in a container on my deck. So pretty!


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

I am so envious! Someday, someone will develop a rose like yours that does well in shade-I hope!!!

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

those are so charming! I'm usually not a huge fan of knockout type roses, but I think you've convinced me about using carpet roses for a border! how wonderful!

I wonder how much water they take once established.

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Your flowerbeds are GORGEOUS! Everything has grown and filled in and looks so lush!
I just love it!

Those are really pretty roses. I need to get some of those. Beautiful color!

Do they have fragrance?

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Annie. No fragrance. Just being pretty is all. lol Aimee, I water them good about once a week,more when it's super hot and windy.

I just looked up the Apple Blossom. Darn, I wish I had known about them and planted them together with my pink roses. I'll definitely have to check into them next spring!

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

I've had apple blossom and also the darker pink ones for years. I absolutely love them! They are completely pest free, don't need a lot of care and up here they bloom from June to Nov. Weird thing is almost all of mine (probably about 10 of them) did not survive our mild winter well at all. Many almost died back to the ground and still don't look too good. I've never had that happen. They've been one of the most reliable beauties in the garden. I'm sure they'll bounce back though!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

jyount, can't see your photo.

I don't usually buy a rose without fragrance, but that Carpet Rose is hard to resist, I'm going to look for one. They're really the star of your beds!

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I just bought some this year...I have 8 or 9 now..this will be my first year! I put them in a brand new foundation planting..your post gives me some hope. I was a bit sketchy on them when I bought them. I hope mine look like yours!

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I grow the red and yellow carpet roses. I have had them for 4 years and they were awsome up until last year. We had a really bad wet summer. I got blackspot and used organic stuff on them with no help. I trimmed them back in the fall and covered the roots with cocoa mulch like I do each year and around my lampost none of the 5 roses survived. In my regular front beds I only had one die. The others are showing some leaves but are not completely filled out. One came back vigorously but even the first leaves had blackspot. I am trying to battle them up. I brough some new stuff - organic and spayed them all with it, even the new healthy ones to prevent blackspot... the one that had blackspot immediately got holes in them and most leaves fell of. Now new ones are starting to come up healthy. I think they are great if you don't get the bad luck of blackspot. They flower non-stop for 4 years and unfortunately got hit last year. Hopefully the new ones will be safe. Is there something we can spray in the beginning of the season to prevent blackspots?
Also should you trim these. I did not trim for 4 years until I got blackspot so I am not sure if the blackspot or my trimming killed them. I did it a few weeks before the frost kicked in and we had a mild winter. Sort of like thyme2dig experienced.

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