HAVE: Some haves and some wants

ceara_qcDecember 13, 2008

Have: A LOT of Blanche du Quebec heirloom tomato seeds. These are salad type tomatoes, a very pale yellow. Quite good. I saved seeds from just about every tomato. lol

Limited amount of Purple Prince heirloom tomato seeds. Probably only 20 seeds will go out. I grew mine in 2008 from a former trade and was only given 5 seeds and only two germinated, so not very many seeds available but will part with some.

Also a lot of Bell Pepper Blushing Beauty available to trade.


Eryingium - the blue type of Sea Holly. Not the silver, but blue. These seem to be incredibly hard to find. There are some Zone 2 hardy types, albeit dwarf. I wanted the taller blue types but will take a dwarf if blue.

Also want heirloom paste tomatoes. Doesn't matter what color ultimately but would really like some yellow or the purple/brown types.

Salpiglosis or Painted Tongue. The taller the better. I have a quite large lawn and need very tall flowers.

Other tall perennial flowers that I may not know about. There's a lot of time in my gardens where I don't have many blooms because I have mainly Lilium bulbs and fall blooming Hemerocallis.

Also would be interested in (for Zone 4)

flowering Salvia (not red)


Red, Yellow or Orange Echinacea

Bright blue or purple large Delphinium (got some in trade in the past but none germinated)

Thank you!! And Happy Holidays to everyone, hope your winter is going well. Our winter here seems to be mild thus far.

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