What is Your Favorite Fall Flower and Color

oakleif(z6 AR)August 31, 2007

My favorite fall flowers are the goldenrods. I have masses of several varities around our place. They are so colorful. A few have just starting blooming.

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But the little goldenrod spider likes them so well, Oakleif! You just have to stand back a little so as not to see the wee predators. I don't think they ever make webs.

Yes, a favorite for me as well.


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This is an older post, but new to me, so I'll comment. My favorite fall bloomers are: Asters, mums, and sedums. I just planted goldenrod this past season, so I'll get to see what it does this year. It's a baby cultiver, if I remember right.

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I like Mexican Mint Marigold & shrimp plant, as well as the ones already mentioned.

Goldenrod is a wonderful , brilliant exclamation point in the garden!

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susangarrison(8b FL Panhandle)

Mexican Bush Sage (purple) combined with yellow Butter Daisy (melampodium). The sage blooms spring and fall, with the fall blooms being most spectular lasting for a month or longer.

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I would have to say mums, hands down. Funny, I used to hate them, till I saw all of the georgeous Autumny colors they come in-rusts, burnt oranges, ambers, golds, maroon, burgundy, purple. Perfect fall pallette. I'm not fond of the mums that come in bright lemon yellow, pink, lavender, muave, or white-not fall colors to me, more spring(and I dont really care for most of these colors anyway). There is also a cool, funky lime green too!
Of course nothing can beat asters with their electric purple and violet blooms.
Pansies are great too, nice in spring or fall. I like orange, 'black', violet, blue-violet, and burgundy. The yellow is nice too.
Fall-blooming crocuses are intriguing too. Not really fall colors to me, but the colors glow, and there is an ethereal quality to the flowers that is really exotic and mysterious.
Sometimes there are sunflowers still blooming and they come in nice fall colors- the classic golden yellow, but there are also browns, oranges, Indian reds/rusts.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Ornamental cabbages!

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I love chrysanthemums. I especially like the red ones and some that has irregular incurves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garten Pavillon

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