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SheilaG1911(7A)May 25, 2012

I am new to this forum and I am totally enjoying all the beautiful pictures! Makes me wanna go daylily shopping.

I guess about 8 years ago, I had sort of started in daylilies. Bought some horses and forgot about my daylilies. Now, I am trying to revive the survivors! I have also purchased some seeds the last couple of years from the auction.

This is the first year that my seedlings have bloomed. I will post a few pictures of the flowers that have bloomed the last couple of days. Nothing fancy yet... But boy have the lilys changed since I was shopping for them last.

Thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures!


Seems like I have a few that I lost tags on... This one is an unknown

Red Volunteer X Shores of Time

Unknown Orange with a visitor!

Unknown dark red, but it looked more purple in the cloud cover today

Unknown Yellow with a few teeth!

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brittie(Houston 9a)

Wow, your reds are so rich and velvety. Very nice pictures!

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You have many beautiful ones, so you are well on your way and all the enablers here will certainly help you!!! Welcome to the Forum and the best kind of addiction. Avedon

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Thanks Brittie and Avedon!! I love the reds and darker colors. I also like the ruffly edges. One of my favorites is Michaels Sword since beginning to look around again!

What is the difference between watercolor and eye on a daylily? I am going to post a few more pic's but not sure if we can post in a follow-up message.



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shive(6b TN)

Hi Sheila - Welcome to the forum! I really like your dark red unknown. It does have a velvety look to it. A watermark is where the eyezone is lighter in color than the petal color.


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Julia NY(6)

Welcome to the forum Sheila. That orange unknown is very vibrant. All the pics are very nice.

Yes, you can post additional photos in a follow-up message.
Have fun with the daylilies


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Thanks Debra!! It is one of my favorite Reds.

Julia, the story on the unknown orange is I had purchased Diamonds and Pearls late one year and the next spring I recvd a very nice letter from the daylily farm apologizing for sending me the wrong daylily. They refunded the purchase of Diamonds and Pearls and said to keep and enjoy the flower I received. Still it is not what they thought. So it is just a beautiful blessing each time it blooms!

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Maryl zone 7a

There's not a bad one in the group. I especially like the unknown orange. Too bad daylilies don't bloom around Halloween because that would be a great color for Charlie Brown's pumpkin patch.......Maryl

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Your pictures and your blooms are just beautiful. Welcome to the daylily forum!

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Your pictures are gorgeous and your seedling is a beauty. Welcome to the forum and have fun! This is a fun hobby (addiction). Your photographs are beautiful. Again, welcome.

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Great photos of some very pretty blooms. Welcome to the forum.

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