Favorite plant grown from seed

Barbara - 5August 2, 2000

This year I bought a package of Coleus seeds just for the heck of it. Well, they are just beautiful. Never saw anything like them. A wide variety of colors and some have very large leaves. For sure I'll buy another package next year.

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Bill - 6

Hi Barbara,
I have also grown Coleus from seed and enjoy selecting the ones that will brighten the garden.

Also Heuchera from seed will give a lot of variation for not a lot of money.

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Marcie - 5

My new favorite plant that I grew from seed this year is the azalea flowering snapdragons. They are so pretty, and they fill in so nice with very little pinching. The flowers are bigger than the other dwarf snappers, and there are many different colors. I also grew some nicotiana from seed, and they are almost as tall as I am! They smell wonderful at night, too!

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Nastuteums, are so great all you have to do is just throw them but I live in San Diego and they don't winter well, but really tase, smell and look great even in a short summer

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my self

i like to use coffee grounds i add some to the soil and the plants just love it:)(already used coffee grounds that is):)

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johnc623 (Zone 5)

I'm not trying to promote anyone here but I have bought Martha Stewart's Seed Tape Zinnias the past two years, they were great last year - long lasting color, various heights, colors, etc... They were great for cut flowers, the more I cut, the more I got. They are definitely a favorite to grow.

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Meghane 7b NC

Heavenly Blue morning glories. One takes one pack, and you've got them forever due to the miracle of reseeding.

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Photo_Dad 5b/SEPA

My wife picked up a wisteria seed pod off the ground at a garden center a few years back, planted some of the seeds, transplanted a seedling, and grew a vine which in its second year. Sold that house this year; heard the new owners were ripping the wisteria out. Bummer. My wife was so proud of that plant...

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sweet peas and moon flowers. I sprinkle them around the yard and they climb up bushes, shrubs and trees, adding color and fragrance.

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Dtkaty z8b Katy,TX

You just can't beat zinnias, cosmos & moss rose.

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Shirley_Q 7

I have good luck with Zinnias.They bloom all summer and add color to your garden.You always have cut flowers if you need them .They do not need alot of attention.So Zinnias are my favorite plant grown from seeds.

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frances 6

moonflower, morning glory and coleus. the moonflower is mysterious and the scent at night is wonderful. the heavenly blue morning glory because of it's wonderful blue color. the coleus because no two are alike.

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Janine 5

My favorite this year was Heuchera 'Emperor's Cloak' . This is one beautiful plant!!! It looks similar to the new Mardi Gras heuchera...so colourful (purples, pinks, reds, peachy). There was a 50% rate of green seedlings but the others were beautiful. I am going to get more next year for sure so I can have waves of them...

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Iness 4/5

Delphiniums! (Delphinia?). They're quite easy from seed, particularly if started indoors, they flower the first year (though late), make a fantastic cutflower, and make you feel like a "real" gardener.

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Definitely zinnias! I haven't bought seed in years - just pop off the seed heads and plunk them into the ground, and next year, a whole new crop of flowers! Plus, they cross pollinate, so you never know what you'll get!

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Julie_B z5 WI

Anyone heard of "church steeples"?? What is the story with these???

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atrypa 3

Columbines and columbines and columbines!! Oh yes, also columbines! And African daisies...very fertile.

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Cherry tomatoes are doing great (Sweet Million and Sungold) and the cosmos look fantastic and just keep blooming.

Have had NO luck with growing morning glory or nicotiana from seed, barely got any marigolds or nasturtiums. Am I a plant klutz? Everyone says they are so easy to grow.....

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Aileen 5

I'll have to agree with the rest of the ZINNIA lovers. I planted a box of seeds from Menards (around $5/box for thousands of seeds) and planted them along my walkway. They grew so thick and lush, I had neighbors asking what type of flower bushes I planted. They need no attention and just keep flowering. Also, I have plenty of flowers to cut for the house and when I visit friends.

Also, my COSMOS are also doing very well. The only thing is that they got so tall that a storm blew over a couple of plants - but have now have a house full of cut flowers! They are beautiful cut flowers.

My NASTURIUMS and MORNING GLORIES were so easy to grow from seed. The seeds are so large that they are easy to handle.

As for perennials, I tried growing scabiosa from seed this spring and they flowered this year.

Now I'm trying my luck with some other perennials: columbine, speedwell, balloonflowers, purple coneflowers, shasta daisy, yarrow, and lady's mantle. If you have any advice or experience with these, let me know.

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nedragz4(z4 MN)

I love the Zinnias I planted from seed this year, some are 4' high and gorgeous colors. I will try to save seeds of the prettiest ones.
My all time favorite is heirloom organic tomatoes that I saved from seed in 2000 (ate the tomato, fermented and saved the seeds). I am enjoying the fruits of dozens of tomatoes from that lovely tomato 2 years later. Also, am fermenting and saving seeds from this years crop. What a trip, I used my own vermi castings to fertilize them, so it's ALL organic.

God Bless America! my victory garden has returned. Dee

Here is a link that might be useful: Red heirloom tomato

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My favorite from seed has to be moonflower. I wanted cobaea scandens(sp?) but it wouldn't even germinate for me(try again next year...) I also have to add sweet william since it grows so easily and looks great with little care.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

Babs, I've tried cobaea every year for about four years, all different brands, and have come to the conclusion that they are uncooperative so I gave up.

Two of my favorites from seed are nasturtium and morning glory but my VERY favorite is alyssum... just throw a packet in the garden, don't even have to do anything with it!

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Shadyflwrs(short season 7)

Tall Bearded Iris
Pacific Coast Native Iris
Japanese Iris

Have also enjoyed
Blue morning glories
Sweet peas
Hardy Geraniums

This year I am trying the following which are up and growing
Carnation, Stripes and Picotees

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Nasturtiums - I use as a groundcover in some areas. zinnias - great colors and butterflies love them.
Cosmos - nice to have something that tall, they have a nice airy look.
All three are so easy and available everywhere.

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Can anyone tell me how and when to start pansies??


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Delphinium belladonna (ConneticutYankee).Flowers first yr. from seed.I cull and seek-out deep blues and pure white.Tried T&M's Delphinium Casablanca, but just did not compare well with CY

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boomchuckchuck(southern CA)

Four-o-clocks and Nasturtium. They are my "filler" plants.
The Nasturtiums die just as the Four-o-clocks come on, and vice versa. After a year, thefour-o-clocks create a little tuber, which can easily be replanted to other spots...and they smell pretty. I can't understand why so many people hate them.

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I took 4 o clock seeds from my grandmothers garden and I love them. I save the seeds every year for more but find they self seed some also.

Every year I direct seed Zinna, Cosmos, and Marigolds especially.

To the poster who says she puts out moonflower seeds all over the yard to grow up trees and things. What a great idea. I love moonflower but always try to trellis it or "control" it. Im going to try your idea this year.

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Somehow Murraya and Box Orange from seeds germinate quite successfully for me. It seems like I can never resist trying something new every year just for my own growing satisfaction.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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Nigella damascena, lol. The first time I was successful growing it I was stunned at how pretty the blooms were. They're winter growers here so I sow the seeds on Thanksgiving along with Chinese forget-me-nots, larkspur, "Alaska" nasturtiums, Lathyrus sativus(azure pea), and a few others. Most of my seeds have to be bought and planted every year since it gets too hot here for seed production of these cool weather plants. For summer I really, really love Mina lobata, it looks like stained glass to me.

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beigestonehill(z 6 /7VA)

poppies poppies poppies I love them all. I just throw the seed out in the snow and off they go. I would like to start growing some ornamental grasses from seed, anyone had any luck doing that?

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ingami(z3b AB)

For sure, my Rheum palmatum- it's in it's fourth year
and it's huge! It was even quite large in it's second
year, also love poppies and cosmos from seed, just can't
beat those two! absolutely love the self seeding--

    Bookmark   March 1, 2004 at 10:20AM
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Last February I went over to Epcot and picked up some seed pods from the Jacaranda trees. I took them home, broke open the pods, planted the seeds in regular top soil and in about June I transplanted 4 trees into the yard. The trees now (1 year later) are all 5 ft. tall and are doing great.

    Bookmark   March 3, 2004 at 11:40AM
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