White pine weevil

lifetime_treesaverJuly 14, 2011

Looking for advice. Last week I had to remove and destroy three different terminal leaders as well as their lateral shoots on my white pines because of recent white pine weevil infestation. One of the trees in question had also been attacked two years ago but had since then nicely developed two competing terminal leaders. The two of those leaders are now both gone and I was wondering where things are headed with that tree. The third terminal leader attacked was on a totally different pine. My problem is that these trees were too tall for me to reach the cut-off area without the use of a pole saw/pruner. I wasn't able to make the cuts neatly right down to the whorl and there are 1 to 2 inch stubs remaining where the old leaders were. Is this going to cause me any future problems? Thank you.

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Sorry to hear that the bug has got to you. Two years ago the inspector from the State Department of Agriculture (Ohio) warned me that this bug was headed our way. He described the very symptoms that you had. They attack the leader and kill it. The only way to tell for sure is to look at the wood for exit holes. Sounds like you already knew that. I'll be looking to see the responses from folks in infested areas as to how to treat. When I see the inspector again in September I'll ask him. Hopefully someone has an answer and will post it here shortly. Your post is very timely and we should all be aware of this weevil.

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