Just 3 or 4 new blooms today

jean_ar(z8 Ar)May 8, 2012

We got a few showers last night,and have a chance for storms today and tomorrow.But, today,I have blooms ))

A new one last spring, but was no blooms last year that I can remember, but a first bloom today thats really a nice one.Love it, but of course,I love all of them :))

First bloom this spring.

first blooms on this one, too,and its a diaster. hope the next blooms are better.

This is a new bloom today on this one,and it has improved just a little, maybe the last bloom will be a good one,I hope, really would like to see how pretty it will be.

First bloom this year on this one,and I just think its a beauty.

and this one is a question for RITA :)) this is some new bloom and the center of the peddles is black, Is this also a Red Alert liliy?

just think this bright yellow one is gorgeous.


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You have a lot of lovely blooms today Jean. I especially like Ebony Pools and Hunter's Torch, but Ledgewoods Evening Sunset looks like it is going to be a real beauty. Your lilies are lovey and early too.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Hi Jean. No I don't think so, doesn't look like RED ALERT to me. Maybe BLACK OUT or BLACKBIRD. But of course I could be wrong. How tall is the red lily? If it is much shorter than the ones you already have that you know are RED ALERT than I's say that deffinately not.

The speckled one is pretty. I have those myself but I still don't know what they are.

Daylilies are very nice today. I am sure the ones that don't want to open will shape up eventually. EBONY POOLS and CHERY VALENTINE tie for favorite for me today.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

RITAWONDER OF IT ALL i think will surpass itself this year. I counted 19 scapes on it so far this year.If we have no disasters,it just might pass the 123 blooms it had last year.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Jean, my Ledgewood's Evening Sunset always opens that way. Usually the next blooms make up for the diasister though. I love the asiatic lilies. Especially the yellow speckled one...Ellie

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I like Hunter's Torch, Cherry Valentine, and Ebony Pools, nice, nice, colors. I also like the red Asiatic, very pretty. Avedon

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Jean, For a first bloom EBONY POOLS is amazing - what a great color!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

KAY;Thank you for the very nice comments.I think if ledgewoods Evening Sunset opens up,it will be very pretty our.temps was real cool today, mid to upper 60's for most of the day.It will probably need some of our hOT summer weather to open good:))

RITA:Thank you. whatever the liliy is,I love it and think its very pretty,and love the yellow spotted one.
ELLIE;Thank you. I hope this Evening Sunset will open just once so I can see what it looks like;

AVEDON: Thank you for the n ice comments.

KATHY: Thank you for looking and commenting, too.I rerally like EBONY POOLS, too.I wasn't expecting it to open so good with the much cooler weather today, but, it was ready to show its stuff.


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I agree with you Jean, Ebony Pools is a beauty and my favorite of this group with Cherry Valentine being my second pick. Keep those photos coming.

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