A few Tues Blooms

SheilaG1911(7A)May 29, 2012

I was really late in getting to my Daylilies this morning, so the sun was really to high to be taking good pictures and I deleted most all of them. Had a few that I will post. I can say that I was very well supervised this morning. Roman, my Great Dane was relaxing up under the shade trees keeping a close watch on everything. Miss Kitty rolled around wanting her belly scratched everytime I walked close to her. Cats are so funny..

This is the Canine Head of Ranch Security. Roman

Sort of a blended colored unknown seedling

A small purple unknown seedling with a thin white edge. I hope the blooms get a bit bigger.

This unk seedling is a pinkish purple, not a good picture, too much direct sun..

pale peach seedling with a pretty eye. Gusting wind prevented me from getting a good close up of her.

Miss Kitty says "rub my belly" ; )

yellow blended unk seedling. It just keeps on blooming in clusters every day. Too much light to see the color variations.

Thats about it for now. It's too hot and too bright for me the rest of the day!!


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Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

them seedlings are great. I love them all, and miss kitty is so pretty. love her. amd the dane is a pretty one too.I use to have a friend.
that had a great dane that looked just like this one and it was a house dog, and big as a shetland pony.


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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Your dog is so beautiful and your cat is adorable. Your seedlings are pretty nice too. :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Miss Kitty is the prettiest by far! What a lovely cat. Roman is handsome also. I like the last of the daylilies the best, that one is very pretty.

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Can't decide if Roman or Miss Kitty is my favorite daylily. :)

Thanks for sharing the pics. Beautiful flowers and beautiful pets.

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Voting for Roman here - what a majestic, noble pose!

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Julia NY(6)

Now that is one big dog. No wonder he is head of security LOL. Always love the cat photos.
Lovely seedlings you have.


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Beautiful photos, I love the "Head of Security" and Miss Kitty. that first seedling could find a place in my garden. I like the blend of colors.

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Nancy zone 6

Miss Kitty is beautiful, what a lovely face. I'm in love though with Roman, what a fitting name for such a noble looking face. Lovely seedlings, I really like that last one.

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The last seedling is very pretty, and I think I see some diamond dusting (?)

I am beginning to wonder what the connection is between daylilies and cats. Too many of you have adorable cats for this to just be a conincidence. Miss Kitty has beautiful sea-green eyes. (We used to have a cat named 'Mr. Cat' - very original also)

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You have some very pretty blooms the best though have to be Roman and Miss Kitty such a great pair.

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