Your Most Wanted Plant

ingami(z3b AB)September 23, 2002

I guess the full subject would be, Your Most Wanted Plant that you've been unable to find-

I've got at least three on my list:

Lupinus varius ( from the Martin and Rix Books )

Vicia variegata ( ditto )

and Malva Sylvestris "Primley Blue" ( I don't know how it would do here but I sure would like to try one -

I'm sure I'll have a full list of many more by the time winter is over and I've been over and over all the new plant and seed catalogs-

What are some plants or seeds you'd like to get your hands on?

--Inga Mi--

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I am happy to say I GOT my favorite plant this summer after an eight year wait! It's callicarpa japonica,a shrub with purple berries that I fell in love with one year while taking my neice to Sea World. I love going to parks like that to see how they are landscaped(ok and for the fun too)and I saw my favorite shrub but couldn't find it anywhere until this year. I'd ask for it and get looks like I said something foreign(maybe misinformed people). Not only are its berries purple,but the stems of new growth are purple too and the leaves are a lime green. I guess be patient and you will find what you hope for-but hopefully it won't take 8yrs!

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I have been looking for my unicorn(what I call something that nobody ever saw but me, lol) for 13 yrs. It's called variegated pineapple guava, Feijoa sellowiana variegata or albomarginata. It's listed in the Plant exchange now, in fact. If you ever see one I'd love to hear about it. This is a link to the Exchange thread color>
The bloom looks like this

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

My most wanted plant is a mature Southern Magnolia.
Probably won't ever have one because we are in our permanent house (Lord willing) and my husband hates them.
So, what other plants do I love and desire and he hates?
The list could go on and on....

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barbs21(Z6 TN)

Mother of Thousands, I sent postage for one and never got the plant.. :-( Hubby says no more sending postage, it giving money away.....

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I wanted a blue gum eucalyptus. I have been told they don't grow well here. I got a tiny one a year ago and tucked it right into the corner of the house. It is now almost 13' high. It will be so beautiful when it is mature!

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frogribbit(z5 KS-midwest)

I most wanted plant would be variegated solomon's seal and any of the disease-resistant buck roses :-)

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a nice mature Lavendar, yes I know any one can grow one, but me, sigh, I've tried many times!

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deefla(9a Fl)

Nigella, did you see Eddie from Ga's post on "What is your favorite/most unusual plant?" Sounds like he grows what you are looking for-the pineapple guava. Good Luck.

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Bullnettle(z8b TX)

I want an elderberry, one from Texas, so I can be sure it's well adapted to our climate. Haven't found one yet, been looking for years. I could go dig one off the road, in a creek bed, but prefer not to. First, I might get in deep trouble, and second, they're always surrounded by poison ivy. I won't say which stops me.

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Hi Dee, thanks so much for the thought! He doesn't say anything about them being the variegate that I am looking for. I really need the variegate(sentimental reasons) rather than the all green one. I am bound to find the plant, though, because I will never give up.

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Dioscorea elephatipes, often a small one is readily available but I would like a larger one.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

I am always looking for any unusual xanthosomas or colocasias that I don't have.

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Jepa(S Finland (Z5))

tea plant (camellia sinensis)'s impossible to get it here.

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bob_r(z6 Ontario)

Money tree, of course. Preferably a variety that grows 50's and 100's... Raking up in the fall would be a joy!

Actually, I've managed to considerably reduce my 'must have' list over the last couple of years. A couple of the remaining plants are Iris ensata 'Ayesegawa'(an incredible bicolored Japanese Iris) and Calycanthus floridus 'Michael Lindsey' (very fragrant selection).


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I recently saw a Morning glory tree and am looking for the plant or seeds....very beautiful! Seems to be very little information on the internet about this plant

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Codiedale, write me an e-mail, I have a lavender morning-glory tree that I can take cuttings of for you. I would have written you privately but you don't have a way to do that on your page.

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

I am looking for Aristolochia macrophylla (Dutchman's Pipe). Everytime I order from a catalogue they either say it is sold out or they have it, and later call to say it is no longer available. I received seed last spring from a good source. Started several and decided I only needed 4, so I traded some off. I got mail from one of my trades saying it didn't have the right leaves. And it didn't. So I sent out an apology, and in some cases sent other plants. I left the 'plants' in the ground to see what happens next spring. Is it possible the leaves are juvenile, and still might be Dutchman's Pipe after all?

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am a simple gardner so I want common simple plants. I had offers but never received the plants.

Prickley Pear
Hosta Pineapple upside down cake

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

I would love a variegated leafed banana, even know a source, but don't want to spend that many bucks for a plant that may sunburn and look ugly once planted. Variegated plants that need sun are always an iffy proposition in a hot climate.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

I would love to have a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.

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Green jade vine (Stronglydon - misspelt I guess)

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margay(z5 MO)

I want a blue clematis names Fujimusume. I know I can order it for about $25.00 from a couple of sources on the internet. But--I am new to clematis and I am not ready to spend $25.00 for a clematis. I think the hunt for something is half the fun! So I will keep hunting!!

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toby5(z5 NY)

A pale pink bearded iris named 'Cherry Blossom Special,' but I could never spend $22.50 (plus S&H) for one little perennial root.

The funny thing is, I don't really like irises, but it was love at first sight, when I saw this one in a magazine.

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Hemerocallis Kwanso, variegated. I have one, and I'd love more. It has so many colors in it.

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Hey Tekwriter, you don't have a picture of that, do you? I have the green one and just love it.

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Right now it's Hardy White Begonia. A person, ( of whom I won't mention her name) said she was going to send it but didn't. Never fear, I'll find it eventually. I have some cool things for trade. If you have the mommy bulb, or the bulblets, please contact me. Thanks so much, Arum

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Blue poppies! (So many people want something blue.)

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mscarlet(z5 MA)

I have been trying to get a New Dawn climbing rose for several years. By the time I am able to plant one they are all sold out! This year I am going to order ahead so they will reserve one for me next year. I am always thinking wow by this year it would be huge! Sigh....

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A HEALTHY rose!!!! I just can't seem to get them to grow well here !And I've tried several varieties that are supposed to be 'trouble-free'--Both own-root and grafted.

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Primula whitei. I probably can't grow it in my climate, but I want it anyway. Just can't find it anywhere.

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

Until a few weeks ago I wanted a Venus Flytrap, but then I got one. Now, I Desperately want two plants- Bird of Paradize and Passiflora.
(I just saw them for the first time today. I love exotic plants and these practically embody that term...)

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jim_dandy(z6 PA)

I've wanted a yellow stargazer lily for years. I bought one on e-bay two years ago for 9.00 and it turned out to be pink! Grrrr. I tried again last year and bought one from a catalogue for 5.00 and it bloomed white with a faint yellow stripe on each petal. I think I'll try one more time before I am certain that they are merely fiction.

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Hottunya. Every time I go to a plant swap, I look for some, and usually get lucky. I know it can be invasive, but where I plant it, it's got room to rock and roll.

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beigestonehill(z 6 /7VA)

I want every Salvia out there! and the right soil to grow them in which is not my VA clay.

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Davez104(Qld Aust)

Black Kangaroo Paw. I know thats probably asking for trouble over on this side of the country, but what the heck, I'll have a go at growing anything once! I have grown a few of the other varieties of Kangaroo Paw from seed and they seem to do ok. Just need to find me some seeds.

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horse_chick(Sunset 26)

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

I grow orchids and this on is at the top of my 10 most wanted list.

They are available but they are very very costly for a blooming sized plant. I want one blooming size because it can take them years from seedling to bloom and I want to be around to see it do

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

Daphne "Carol Mackie"

Have tried several times but ... always sold out.


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A mysterious Salvia that i had at my last house, but forgot what it was. Bought it at a native plant nursery in Capitola. Its something rare. The most wonderful salvia fragrance i've ever smelled, large, fuzzy light green leaves, pale flowers.

I've looked at all the varieties i can find on the web and haven't found it yet.

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-Quercus rubra 'aurea'
-Arum Italicum 'Jasper'
-Rosa 'Robinette'

Can't even find an american source for the first two.
For 'Robinette', only one source where you have to order a cutting to be made and then wait who knows how long to recieve a plant.

Arum, is that a form of Begonia grandis? Sounds cool!

Good Luck, everyone!

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padraig_1(Florida 9a)

Ornamental pomegranate (punica nana) My neighbor has several which she purchased a few years ago here in Ocala. When she went back to buy more she was told that "they don't do well here" so the nurseries no longer stocked them in this area.I really wanted to have this plant in my landscaping, so I took hardwood cuttings and they survived the winter in a makeshift greenhouse in the garage. They flourished this year, with lots of brilliant orange flowers and pomegranates and I have given all but two away. I guess it is the nature of the individual cultivar that determines success in propagation. I have had requests from friends to grow some more this winter, so I guess I will. Now and again I am "tempted" to commit petty larceny at a nursery and snitch a twig or two, but then I would be in the county jail and not able to have fun in the garden, except for the vegetable one the prisoners run!

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I'm surprised almost three years later that I still haven't found any of mine.

Add to my list a double flowering Sloe Bush so I can flavor my gin. You can't even find a straight Sloe Bush for sale.

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A Bibi Maizoon rose. I've seen it even this year at the Wayside Gardens site but now that I'm ready for it, it's magically disappeared. I don't think I was hallucinating.

A capistrano rhododendrum.

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I am looking for an "Incense Rose"(Rosa primula),also known as a "Boulenger's"rose. It was often listed as "Rosa ecae" in older catalogs. It is a species rose that has incense/balsamic scented foliage & single-petaled cream/pale yellow blooms. I need a mail-order source, or a fellow gardener willing to trade or sell me some seed, or a rooted sucker of it. I have a garden full of fragrant flowers & herbs; see my listings in the exchange section; if I don't have it listed, ask; I grow unusual fragrant flowers & herbs & listed only seed I had alot of;small quantities of other fragrant things are available. Also looking for other fragrant roses & plants.

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Skywalker Iris, When I sold my house the people that bought it from me said I could not dig up any rhizoms (there were so many!)I tried to explain to them that they needed seperating or they will die...they wouldn't go for it. Then I saw a picture of Punch Classic iris, would love to see a picture of this one that someone would have just to see if it is like the's beautiful but to me but I'm thinking the picture is inhanced.

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Super corn!!


Well...lets see the corn!!

can corn save the world...??

food, fuel...biomass...

I came across 10 seeds...there huge.

I sprouted 5 seeds 5 weeks ago.

these corn are now up to 6 feet tall.

the parent corn tree last year was 28 feet tall.

I know..I know...this guys 1st post..well stay tuned.

last year I was playing basketball and saw these what looked like trees with tassels...corn tassels..above the baskeball hoop...wait a minute...WAY ABOVE THE HOOP!!

ANYWAY.... the ears were almost 3ft long and there were 4 ears on this monster!

I know..this guys whack.. right..

heres the pics..this corn was sprouted on 4- 13 -09...lets see..
Attached Thumbnails

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