Dawn Redwood

mary31July 3, 2012

The central leader of my Dawn Redwood was broken in the recent wind storm. Does anyone know if it will form a new central leader and continue to grow?

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Hello Mary. How big is your tree and how far from the top did it break?

I have a 20 footer which has lost its top foot or so of new green growth a couple times over the last few springs and always re-established a point.

Neat tree. Might be my favorite. It is not the most common in retail outlets yet. How did you decide on a metasequoia?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hi mary.. welcome to GW ...

yes it will ... ignore it for a year or two ...

and then if you can get to it.. reduce to one single leader ...

if per chance its a babe.. and you can just reach up there ... you can do it sooner.. just dont break the one you want saved ... been there.. done that ... trying to do it too soon

as with all trees.. there is always tomorrow ... no need to hurry ...

and no.. feeding it.. is not going to make it all happen sooner.. its a tree ... they work on their own time frame


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The tree was about 40 feet tall. About a ten foot section from the top came out. We planted the tree in 1986. We received the tree when we joined the arbor tree club. It was only about 18 inches tall when I planted it. It is my favorite tree

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Mary, that is neat. I wonder how many residential Dawn Redwoods existed before the advent of the internet!

I hope the best for yours. Dawes Arboretum has some gnarly not so tall specimens at least one looked to have top damage. I am not familiar with the stories behind them. At least once a horticulturalist from Dawes corrected a mis-statement I made on here so maybe they frequent the forum.

If no one else disagrees I recommend a professional get up there and make a clean angled pruning cut. In a year if no likely leader re-emerges have one staked up. Oh and you have a unique valuable tree. Use an ISA certified company.

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