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foolishpleasureJanuary 10, 2011

I am planning to spray my Fig trees with Dormant oil spray as soon as I see some life from dormancy and as soon as I get them out of the Garage. I know the FIG trees can have a disease called rust and for that I will spray Bordeaux Mix. My question is when I spray? if I see sign of the rust or I should spray as protection. The other question I have we are blessed with armies of cuddling Moth which infects the Apple and Pears Trees and come in two waves Early and late summer. Do thay infect other fruit trees too especially FIGS. Spray does not fight this disease the only fighting chance I have is bagging the fruit.

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I can only speak for myself here in NY. I dont recall rust ever being a problem here. Sure some leaves of some fig varieties look like they get a small case of it but it has never impacted the plants. One reason I switched from growing apples to figs is the codling moth and other pests. Too much work dealing with these pests when growing apples. I have never had a single codling moth incident with any of my figs.

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Great news I am really tired of cuddling moth I have only two apple trees and two pears and if you see the work I do to fight this pest you feel sorry for me and after all that I lose to them. Bagging is good protection but I can not bag every fruit. I bagged only 100 last year and protected them. All the fruits high on the trees were destroyed. If I don't have to deal with this pest with my Figs this makes me so happy.

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