Best Blue?

sunset_shepherdess(3)May 30, 2008

In your opinions, what is the best blue daylily out there so far? I'm looking for good blues, as blue is my mothers favorite color :) Pictures encouraged! :D Thanks!


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I don't know of any "blue" daylily, but there sure are some with blueish eyes... Here are some.

Barn Owl

Little Blue Belle

Out of the Blue

Star Child (kind of grey-blue)

Blue Elf (blue as I have- and not always this good)

Navy Blues

Most Blues in my garden get bluer when it is cold.

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shive(6b TN)

I have a lot of daylilies with alledged blue eyes. Most are NOT truely blue. And many that are, are so only in certain temperatures, certain light, and when the moon and stars align just right. LOL These are the three with the most consistently blue eyes in my garden.

NAVY BLUES dip miniature

ADA MAY MUSICK tet extra large flower

BLUE EYED BANDIT tet unusual form

Debra in Nashville, TN

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Debra and Fairysoapgirl,
Are there any reasonably priced evergreen daylilies with blue eyes? Every time I start googling the blues I see, I am disappointed that they are not evergreen and way over my budget. BTW, what kind of weather and light, soil, etc. brings out the blue? Nothing can be done about the aligning of Jupiter and Mars .

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Yeah, I know there aren't any "real" blue, but would like to get as close as possible. Thanks for the choices so far.

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Oh yeah, and I forgot to add, Blue Elf, Navy Blues and Little Blue Belle were ones already added to my list, but I didn't have the others yet, thanks so much :) I need a bigger yard! :D

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The bluer the daylily, usually the greater the demand. This is a hard color to get out of a daylily. Navy Blues, Out of the Blue, Barn Owl and Star Child I got for $20 each, but it takes some searching to find them, and they all came from different sellers. Little Blue Belle and Blue Elf I got directly from the Stamiles (Hybridizer), and although they were expensive, they sent me really nice plants (as a side note, if you get these two, the fans are smaller because they are minis, so they will never be big. But, I got a nice clump of fans - very healthy). If you want to see a really expensive blue that basically no one can get their hands on, look at Piece of Sky.

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Ah, but if you read the description carefully, PIECE OF SKY is not typically blue. Roy Woodhall's description is quite explicit: it is typically "lavender-purple with a grayed lavender-blue eye" and "it can also take on tones of pink depending on the temperature."

Of course, I'd like to see it in bloom when it's a day during which "everything goes just right..."

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shive(6b TN)

Lin - Here are a couple evergreens with blue eyes. Both of these look great in the mornings, but the blue eyes fade in the bright sun. That's one of the problems with many blue-eyed cultivars. So you need to plant them where they have afternoon shade.

CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION - $12 from Marietta Gardens

GINNY MITCHELL - price is still in the $30 range because of its breeding value


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I'm no expert by any means, but last summer when I was visiting various gardens I got to see the DL "Lavender Blue Baby" live. All I can say is WOW about that flower. I had seen pictures of the bloom and thought that they were obviously touched up; however, that color is real and one of the most electric combos I've seen in a DL. It's more lavender in the eye than blue, I know, but I have seen other photos where the eye was significantly closer to blue than what you see in the photo linked below. I know it is in high demand now and probably expensive everywhere.

Here's a link to a nice photo:

Mike in SC, Zone 8

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shive(6b TN)

Mike - Lavender Blue Baby is a pretty one. I would love to have tet Lavender Blue Baby if I could find it at a decent price.

Lin - Here is another blue eyed one I have that's evergreen and in the $15 price range now. Delta Blues has a really good bud count. It looks better when the temps are cool, so it's at its best in the morning. The blue eye looks grayer in the afternoon.



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Soooo...does anyone have any of these available? :D I'm not so sure about evergreens, because being in zone 3, they tend not to do real well, but semi-ev's and dormants I'm very interested in. Thanks! :)


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