Fig tree farms in Svinita Romania ON Paralel 44.5

herman2_gwJanuary 13, 2010

This comune is higher in altitudine ,in the cold north,paralel 44.5.

They have about 3 cold Hardy Cultivar developed at Drobeta agricultural reaserch station.

I am looking to find someone to contact,to get some cuttings,here in the us.

Enjoy the article.

Just copy in your browser,it is allready translated!!

Sorry I do not know to create a hot link!!,unless someone teaches me!

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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

Here is your link, is this what you want to know how to do?

Here is a link that might be useful: Herman2's link

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Wow, some of the other stories covered by that Romanian website are a bit on the edge! I hope you can get some fig cuttings, that would be awesome.

-Little John

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Well John:I did not read the other stories,nor am i intrested in them.
If a child is left in front of a conected computer they will surelly find something inapropriate to see or read.
The gardening story is interesting and true.
The point is that this article demonstrate it can be done,so far north.
44.5 NL,is somwhere in Canada!!,this is the point of the article!

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The fig article is the most interesting thing for me there too.
I guess my child-like mind wandered and I looked at the right hand side of the screen in front of me.
I'll try to focus on figs next time.

-Little John

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Hello. I was there in spring on trip and brought some plants back with me. It looked like 90% of trees frost down to groundand only a few bigger bushes/trees survived on strong branches. Winter was pretty harsh there -20/-22 minimum temperature with 4 weeks under -10. The fig is very vigorous and already has 40-50 cm shoots after 8 months since I brought them. Picture attached. I could not find which variety this is, but the leaf is very characteristic, so maybe someone will help.

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Sorry 8 weeks, not 8 months:)

Attaching another picture.

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Looks like this variety painted by Gallesio

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomona Italiana

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Thx mate. Certainly very similar leaves. I must wait until next year to see how crop looks like though...

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Hi Stefano:Please provide fruits Pixies,in the Fall,because it is so hardy and it will ripe fruits for sure.
Those leaves are Juvenile leaves,and so they do not have their final shape,which changes with time taking their final shape in August.
That is when it can be Id,looking at the leaves,but adding fruits pixies,makes it much easier.

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I finally found out what variet this is. This is a copy paste explanation from bulgarian expert with whom I discussed origin of this fig:

Although the fig varieties could be distinguished by the fruits and not by the leaves, I can be pretty much sure, that the fig variety from the pictures is our local variety "Michurinska 10".
Several decades ago R. Serafimova made an attempt to describe all fig varieties in Bulgaria. By that time she found more than 40 varieties, most of which were of foreign origin or at least were known to the rest of Europe by other names. She named the varieties with names, that contain the growing area and a serial number. For example, "Michurinska 10" was the tenth variety, described in the former city of Michurin (called nowadays Tsarevo).
Funny, but this variety is grown a lot everywhere in Bulgaria and just a little in Michurin. But there was the first place, where it was met and first described.

This variety is widely grown almost everywhere in Bulgaria. I've seen some plants also in Serbia and Macedonia, but have never seen it in Turkey or Greece. There is a simple explanation about this - the trees are very cold hardy, but the fruit quality is not perfect. So, all warmer areas that have many Figs, just don't plant such varieties.

As you can read also on this forum, people who grow "Michurinska 10" are often very satisfied with its fruit quality. It was Serafimova who said, that in colder areas, where people could not grow other fig varieties, the fruits of "Michurinska 10" are considered good. Well, they are good! But there are much better Mediterranean varieties and where they are able to grow, there is no doubt about the choice you are going to make.

For last, I really must underline the legendary hardiness of these figs. It is not uncommon for a large tree to survive winter temperatures as low as -20 deg.C (or even lower!) and to produce normal crop the following growing season.

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This is a video from this month (july) about fig trees in Svinita.
Sorry, this is in romanian language.
The mayor is talking about freezing which has damaged fig trees
this year in february and now trees are recovering from roots
and even make a small crop of figs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Svinita fig trees

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The above Video is very very informative.
Here is the basic,what we want to learn from it.
The fig trees in the video,are 20 to 30 years old plants.
They have been killed to the ground the first time:Why:
Because in January there was a warm spell,up to 18C daily Temperature and the figs started waking up just like a bear come out of Hibernation,and the juices started flowing.
In February,by the contrary a cold spell came in,and a temperature of -20C,was recorded for 10 days in a row.
That is what damaged the trees ,and now they are growing back from soil level.
It seem this never happened before for the 30 years fig were growing commercially on this site.
I am sure fig tree will survive even lower than -20 C,if when fully dormant and not in February,or March.
Of course there is more information,but I am not going to translate every word.
It seem the first fig trees were planted on the Island of Ada Kaleh,in the middle of the Danube river by Pasha Mehmet,a Turkish powerful general,that was commanding the army Garrison,on the Island,in 1500 ad,and, was the most important Bridge head of the Ottoman empire to from where to lunch of Invasion of Europe.
Of course over the years tho,The Turks could never ,Subjugate,The Walachian(Wallach mean Roman,in Slavonic and Germanic Languages) Principalities
,and establish them self on the right Bank of Danube,They did have commerce relations with the Christian Europe,so The Fig did traverse the Danube and was planted in the Romanian and Serbian Territory,so that is why is in Svinita today.

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Sorry,I made a Mistake about the Left and right banks of the Danube.
The Right bank is the Bulgarian side and the left bank is the Romania side (former Wallachia),so i told the story by pointing to the wrong banks.
I should know better as I graduated from Naval school of Mechanical engineers in Giurgiu, Romania,on the Left bank of Danube river,and Learn the Regulatory law of signals for the navigation on Danube river,as one of the main courses.

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Herman, I think this variety might be one of hardiest. Those trees are 30-40 years old and through that time temperatures dropped below minus 20 on a few occasions. They survived many severe winters. But January with 18 degrees and February with minus 22 will kill every fig. That is the reason, why all is dead to ground there. Otherwise this Michurinska 10, how they call same tree in Bulgaria might be real bargain. I also think these villagers have not much clue about fertilizing or covering trees (as I spoke with them in May). It is proven that fertilizing with boron in autumn increases cold hardiness and one should not fertilize with. And maybe even slight cover during worst nights could help.

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"Should not fertilize with nitrogen."

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Stefano:You are assuming all those trees are Michurinska 10,but in the previous article it is mentioned that they have several cultivars not just Michurinska 10.
I know who Ivan Michurin was ,but he did not produce all cultivars they have.
If you read the articles above you will see they produced three hardy selection,at Drobeta Reaserch station.

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Yes. That was one thing I was searching for when I was in Svinita this spring. I was there with my romanian friend. We talked even with mayor, but he did not know anything about any new selections from Drobeta. We asked many people and all told us they know nothing about this. I saw many trees and all had same leaves so I think they grow this variety from 99%. I guess locals do not care about any new varieties, cause their variety is well proven there and they propagate only this one. Maybe Drobeta varieties are only internet hoax. I

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Also Michurinska is not named after Ivan Michurin, but it is named after town of Michurin in Bulgaria, where it was first described. Now this town is renamed to Tsarevo. More info is in my post above in this discussion.

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i just got a tree from the republic of macedonia, my friend is from there, and says after 3 years of healthy growth, it will take the snow, without covering up. I doubt i will have enough summer to get ripe fruit, but i do have some growing on a tree rooted last year.It maybe the same type tree as the post above since it's not that far away
been growing figs for 15 years, and i see temperatures down to zero here in CT., There all potted but for a chicago hardy, bend over and covered

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"Michurinsk 10" sound like a super hardy fig, I can't think of a fig that can survive -20/-22 minimum temperature with 4 weeks under -10. I would love to have this fig as my own. If anyone has cuttings of it, I would love to have some.

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2nd year in ground my Svinita fig has about 25 figs on this years wood. So this informaton was correct. Surely these figs all will ripen in 1 month time.

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I followed the post. Sorry If I missed something? What is the Svinita fig?

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I went back and reviewed. The Svinita figs are the Michurinska 10 figs that you got from Svinita.

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James, there is no evidence yet that this are the same fig!
In fact in Svinita are more cultivars grown.

I also have a small rooted cutting collected from same region.

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Been growing fig trees for about 20 years, I got a Chicago hardy and it freezes down to the ground where I live, I have to cover it, or bury it, which i have done and it lives, I have a 5 year old tree which is supposed to be from Switzerland, and that is going into the ground this year, but I got a new one last fall, which the person who gave it to me is from the Republic of Macedonia, and he says it's as cold here in CT. as it is back in his town. The trees grow for 3-4 years in pots until they're big, and thick enough, to be put in the ground, he says only the outer branches die off. My gut feelings say this one is the best cold hardy one out there, they speak the same language as Bulgaria, and he also says there is two types. One that has large figs, which mine is, and one that has small figs, I got fruit the first year, but I ran out of summer, hope this year it will produce good fruit


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This is the one year old fig tree from the Republic of Macedonia taken last August

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