Anyone Here Growing Blueberries?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)January 7, 2011

So, since it's January and spring is coming..........

Botanus has their website updated as of today for spring 2011 =:)

I've put Top Hat Blueberries on my wish list. They say that I can grow them in containers ( then you can modify the soil as they need acid soil) and that I'll get white blossoms, hundreds of blueberries, and red foliage in the fall. Sounds awesome.

Does anyone have experience, good or bad, growing them? They look awesome and would go very nicely with our raspberries.

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I had some blueberries that came with the house. I moved them last year, one big frozen root ball, and they flowered and fruited. I don't think they are as fussy as some report. Mine were older and well established -- in full shade.

I got a handful of berries for my wife and could have had two if I realized the plants were ripening to a different schedule. I was waiting for them all to ripen and by the time the later ones were ripe the early ones were starting to dry out. I not sure what varieties I have, but they are much larger than wild and shorter than the reported size of most cultivated varieties.

You should check to see how many plants/varieties you need for pollination. Also, I think its several years before you get full production. You might want to consider extra plants to boost early production.

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Thanks ljpother. Are your blueberries flavourful?

I was going to phone Wendy at Botanus and ask about pollination. If she doesn't know I'll check the Michigan State University website. I think that's where they came from originally. Apparently I'd be buying two year old canes, so I'd hope to get berries in the third year, but don't really know. My mouth waters though when I think about a big bowl of home grown raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I'm assuming some of them would all be ripe at the same time, ha, ha!

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My blueberries are alright -- not as good as off the rocks outcrops in Northern Ontario. :)

Do a search on blueberries. There are a multitude of threads on the Fruit forum.

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Hi we have sooo many wild ones that are nice all around here that I don't bother growing them. I used to have to tell our dog they were a "don't touch" or he'd eat them like a hoover before I got any.- the same was for strawberries, raspberries,beans,carrots. When I told him"ok gentle" he carefully picked the things without damaging anything. He was very selective and only picked the ripe ones!

Back to blueberries. If in containers use an acid or peat -based compost with NO lime.They aren't completely self-fertilizing so plant at least 2 varieties. Keep the ph around 4.0 to 5.5 feed with alfalfa meal 1/4 to 2c per plant yearly If there are yellow patches or mottling on the leaves, poor plant growth, few berries you may have to decrease the ph more as the soil is to alkaline.
A few that do well are
Northland-smaller berry and smaller spread, good hardiness
Berkeley Very lg berry med quality med hardy
Bluecrop Lg. good berries. avg-vigor hardy and drought resistant, erect and most robust.
This reply is long sorry. Hope it helps.
Take care Lois

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That's so cute about the dog =:)

Thank you both for the info. I'll have to do more soil research. We have clay soil, but I also compost, so that might help.

I checked the fruit forum but most of what I could find so far wouldn't apply in my climate and/or soil type. I'll keep reading. It's cold out.

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