What Have You Lost?

Brokenhead(z3Man)September 20, 2002

Please tell me I am not the only one who loses things while gardening. I have lost two trowels this year and am now using a soup spoon to dig in the dirt. I also lost a screwdriver (I don't even remember what I was using it for) and two garden gloves (not even a matched pair). Almost lost a spade but I happened to be walking by and noticed it lying in the bushes, it had been gone for days. I once lost a gold watch while mowing the lawn - searched everywhere but it vanished. Where do they go?

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

They go to... the same parallel universe that all those missing sock go to!

I have the same problem, but it has something to do with having a four year old!

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Pruners, gloves, hats, shovels, rakes, coffee cups, sandwiches(cats to blame here, lol) and on and on. My biggest problem is that I tend to leave them where they blend in, they're right out in plain view but you just cannot see them.

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--and find them later with the mower

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What's a mower? I haven't needed one in several years now. Just flowers, foliage, paths and ponds. The way I like it, lol!

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I lost a roofing hammer in the pond somewhere. Someday when I am in there cleaning I am gonna step on the sucker and regret lettin it go!

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Oh man, I forgot about losing my favourite pruners too! And also a nozzle. At least I keep the local hardware store in business,LOL. Glad I'm not the only one losing things :-)

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Half-full cups of coffee--they turn into interesting science experiments. My mind in this drought--but that's been gone for years! ;) melanie

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

We have an old cemented-in pole in our yard from the previous owners satellite dish... I put my bypass pruners on the top, but instead of horizontally I put them vertically... then watched as they slid down into the pole, never to be seen again. I actually looked around the neighborhood to make sure no one saw me do it.


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LOL I thought I was the only one who used a soup spoon to dig with : ) My trowl broke and I was too cheap to go buy a new one so I use a spoon instead, and ya know I really prefer it. Neighbors think I'm a bit batty tho lol I lose my clipping scissors all the time, pruners etc.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

Mystdragyn... my mom uses a big ol' butcher knife when she prunes things... bet the neighbors would prefer your spoon LOL

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I found long lost trowel and a pair of clippers this year while weeding in a particularly overgrown bed.

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That's a constant thing here!
I'd swear my dog totes things off and hides them, except I can't blame him for the pitchfork I walked past for a week (it was sticking straight up in plain view!
I imagine many of my other lost tools are hidden similarly).

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Bullnettle(z8b TX)

I lost my wedding ring. Fortunately, my DH was understanding, and bought me another. Good thing I don't like expensive jewelry.

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How about plants? Sometimes I have a half dozen seedlings to plant, put one on the ground and 'voila', it is 'gone'! I'm not 'too' old yet so I don't think it is all in my mind. I look at the ground, or dirt or 'whatever' for a few minutes and usually find the missing culprit ...but there is the occassional seedling that has suffered a horrible death due to my negligence. This time of year bulbs suffer the same disappearing act.

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

I lost so many wedding rings in the garden, I finally stopped wearing one, it was hardly romantic picking them out at pawn shops anymore! I lose hand pruners regularly and wont buy a pair unless they are brilliant yellow or orange, and I still manage to lose those eventually too. I found two pairs of pruners recently- one had migrated to the garage, the other was in the center planter meridian in our street, where I left it the last time I was out there sneaking plants in where the city planted stuff had died. Of course they had both seized up and didn't work anymore.

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kellyrae(3/4 NW Ont)

I am constantly misplacing my pruners, coffee cups and my sunglasses. I am always seen wandering aimlessly, looking here and there, scratching my head and have also been overheard by my neighbours talking out-loud to the lost items asking them "okay....where are you?" My neighbours think that I am a nut! Maybe we should all try those idiot strings they attach to kids mittens until we learn not to lose our toys... Happy Gardening

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Beer. Ever so many beers. My husband is constantly going out to the gardens with a beer in his hand, becomes sidetracked, puts the beer down and loses it.
I can only assume that the plants are drinking them, then eating the bottles.

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My husband comes home and he knows where in the yard I've been working. He follows the trail of tea mugs. Even some that are growing too! But I seem to have misplaced my trowl as well. And last fall "oh bright one" decided to put in an ice rink right over my new perennial bed. So in the spring it turns out I lost quite a lot of plants. No rink this year!

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

anklets, bracelets, every handtool I ever bought,-you name it.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

My mind, because the jarring noise of basketballs from the street above is driving me absolutely bananas. It's like being in at a shooting range.
It's somewhat better when I wear ear phones in the house (like I am now) or the garden, but not much. Sorry, had to get that in...If you see me in a white straight-jacket going by you in a white van with the words "Funny Farm" on the side, you'll know why!

Something physical? Gloves, clippers, spade - found all but the spade.


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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Ninamarie, what a hoot! I don't think it's the plants drinking the beer -- maybe it's the snails & slugs having a party, and then pitching the bottles into the neighbor's yard, LOL!

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I took a penny with me outside to hold up next to a rose to take a picture to post and find out the name and then I dropped the penny in the thick zoysia grass never to be seen again. Lack of punctuation intentional.

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amf55nj(z6 NJ)

Always losing my glasses- I'll have on my prescription shades, but have my regular specs in my shirt pocket, for late in the afternoon, and invariably, they fall off into the veggie garden, compost bin, or garden cart. But what I can't believe I can't find is my pitchfork! How can you lose something that big? Carried off by one of my turkey vultures?

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Lizzym(z6 ID)

...my ability to drive by nurseries (just say no.)

As for tangible things, lost an expensive gold earring stepping out of the shuttle van at my mom's place in TX in the middle of the night. It fell into her front flower bed but I didn't know it at the time. Searched and searched the next day IN the house and no results. In the mean time, I was asked during my visit(for the umpteenth year in a row) and agreed to plant pink petunias in her front bed (in 90 degree and like humidity). I dug up the bed, amended, raked it clean, and planted petunias, arguing with Mom all the time that the bed was too shady, but she said down there they have what locals call "bounce light" and it would be sufficient. I left for home the next week, still with just one earring. She called me a month later to tell me it had been a mistake (mine!!!) to plant petunias in that bed, and while she was moving them she found my earring. How it was that I missed it digging in that bed, and that they survived the amending,etc. is beyond me. But, I refuse to plant any more pink petunias. Never cared for the annual, anyway.

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I lost my green contact lens while running a weedeater. Not wearing safety glasses, something popped up and hit me in the eye. My green contact lens fell out in the green grass. I couldn't find it. But my husband found it when he got in from work. It was amazing. He went right to it.

And I'm always losing pruners. It's a good idea to have "spares" of those favorite little gardening tools.


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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

That's pretty amazing about the contact lens. My husband also has an eagle eye, and can detect wildlife that "hides" from my view.
Your husband, Susie, apparently has "micro-vision".

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littlebug5(z5 MO)

Last spring I couldn't find my favorite spade anywhere. One of those with the small blade that I can handle and dig easily with. Couldn't find it anywhere. Looked and looked and looked. Finally decided to go buy a new one (and took me forever to find one cause everybody was selling out as soon as they got them in) and at the same time bought a spray can of bright orange paint. Painted the handle as soon as I got home. Set it outside to dry.

Later than evening DH came upstairs from the family room downstairs (where the kids to what kids do - make a mess and I try to ignore it as much as possible) toting my old spade!!! What in the world??? Turns out DS#2, age 13, had been downstairs alone one day and a bat came out of the fireplace chimney. The quickest thing he could find to attack the bat with was my shovel which was minding its own business in the garage, right where it belonged.

Of COURSE I asked DS#2 why he didn't TELL me he borrowed by favorite spade to kill a bat with, and of COURSE he said he forgot.

I painted that sucker's handle too. Now I have TWO bright orange handled spades.

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I lost a $500. pair of glasses. I even when and rented a metal detector. All of found were nails.

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