Favorite & least favorite tree(s) and Why?

Greenthumb(Zone 5a, MN)October 6, 2002

What is your favorite tree (or trees) and why?

What is your least favorite tree (or trees) and why?

Please share what characteristics you like or dislike about the tree(s).

Right now my favorite trees are Chestnut Oak and Bur Oak. I like these trees because of their branching structure and strong winter silhouette. Their bark is also particularly attractive and the trees provide food for wildlife. I also like the fact that they are long-lived trees (400 years) and will be around long after I am gone. (most maples only live about a hundred years or so).

I actually love almost all trees, but I HATE Siberian elm, cottonwood, boxelder and green ash. Terrible, terrible, weedy trees. I pull hundreds of tree seedlings out of my gardens every summer. By the time I get all of the little trees removed from the gardens, the next seasons battle is just around the corner and I have to start all over again.


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I can't say that I have a favorite tree, unless it's a female ginkgo biloba(they have such a nice spreading habit and the leaves when they turn gold all in one night in the fall are like huge bowers of golden blooms) but I can tell you for a fact that the tree I hate most is Sapium sebiferum, aka Chinese tallow and popcorn tree. I pull literally thousands of the seedlings each year and will have to do so the whole time I live on this property. Ye gods and little fishes, whose bright idea was it to bring this nightmare to the south?????

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Like you Mike, my favorite tree(s) are oak. Any type and variety will do.

The bark is rough and crackly, the branches gnarley and interesting and the leaves hang on, sometimes until next spring. The swamp oak variety is what I have in my dampish back yard. It is a surprisingly fast grower, having grown at least 5 ft in four years. Maybe more, I only have photos, didnt measure the tree.

My least fav is silver maple, with norway right behind. After that a type of elm that we call 'piss elm', then cottonwoods right behind, because of the total mess they make of everyones window screens, pools, etc.
The silver maple is such a hog for space. Its roots grow above ground and are treacherous. Fine for a woodlot, terrible choice for anyones yard.

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I love vine maple and hate alder

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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

My favorite trees are live oaks. They hold their leaves through the winters and shed them briefly in early spring.
It is done so fast, if you blink, you will miss it! They are massive, long lived, beautiful trees. I hate Chinese tallow trees, which is a non native which has taken over this part of the world. They are constantly dropping something--leaves, seed pods, seeds, blooms. They are a very "weedy" tree that come up everywhere. The only good thing I can say about them, some of them do have good fall color.

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I love Acer palmatum because it's so delicate looking yet fairly durable-I can't wait til mine is mature.
I'm going to cheat and mention my second favorite though much,much larger,my Catalpa is around 60-70ft. tall and more than seven ft. around its main trunk.I love the blossoms which come out in late spring when most other trees are finished blooming-and the blossoms are orchid-shaped flowers-when they fall it looks like a snow storm hit! but I don't mind because they are good for my compost. The branches are so pretty the way they twist around(a great 'halloweenie' looking tree!)with nice wrinkley bark and the leaves can be huge, a foot in length. These great features make the less favorable aspect of it's long pods that need raking up,worth the labor.Didn't mean to write so much-guess I like this tree!

Least favorite is Silver maple for the obvious reason-weedy roots.

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Kathy547(z8 AR)

My favorite tree is the southern magnolia for the beautiful & great smelling flowers. I have a tree in my yard that I don't know what it is but it provides shade & has wonderful
form. It gets white flowers & then one day they all fall to the ground so that it looks like it's snowing. Least favorite is also the one thing we have in abundance here: sweetgum. Gumballs, sprouts everywhere, etc. Although they
do have nice fall color.

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Jepa(S Finland (Z5))

My favourite tree is linden tree. It has so sweetly perfumed flowers and is adored by bees. The leaf shape is also important as well as the deep though yellowish color of the leaves. Such a mild-tempered, lovely tree it is, and so hardy too. (that's an important thing here)
Least favourite? Maybe the birch. It's too common and I find those black-and-white figures of its bark less symphatic than usual bark colors.

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Don't like:
~elms (esp. siberian--ugly form, too many seeds that sprout)
~maples (too little variety of plants can be grown 'neath them)
~boxelder (disgusting bugs--hate 'em even if they do no harm)
~any neighbors tree that was planted too close to the property line

Like (because of general appearance): redbud, pagoda dogwood, river birch, musclewood tree...

Ambivalent about cottonwood, makes too many seedlings and that cotton stuff is annoying, but the leaves when waving in a breeze are the most beautiful of all. I could lie back and watch them forever!

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Dswan(z6 UT)

Greenthumb, you are on the mark. I love bur oak as well and have a beautiful 15 ft high tree I planted at 6 inches only four years ago. It's already producing acorns.

Siberian elm, what can I say about the tree equivalent of field bindweed. It seeds everywhere and creates weeding chores that can be terrible. And if you miss one for a couple of years, good luck pulling or killing this awful tree.

Box Elder is a close second but since I don't have any in my neighborhood, I won't complain too loudly. I cannot believe businesses still sell these two trees. Awful.

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I like Ponderosa Pine ... besides the vanilla scented bark it is a wonderful tall tree in the woods. I like Spruce (love the really blue ones) and Fir as well. All towering trees in my favorite shade of green. Pinon pine is good (wonderful nuts) and the resin from the bark makes the woods smell like resinous perfume
Junipers (Rocky Mountain is favorite, but the bark of the Alligator Juniper is good too) for the blue green evergreen foliage that shines silver blue in the headlights when a dew is on it. Like fairy lights.
Oaks are wonderful here. We have Gambols, Gray and some Burr Oak also. There are some that go brilliant yellow and some turn apricot and some go blood red in fall.
I love all of the Crabapple, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Apricot, Plum and the plentiful berried trees too. They give fruit and have wonderful flowers in spring! Redbud is a blessing too! I love the Rocky Mountain Maple and the Bigtooth Maple that grows in the Southwest. They are beautiful all year long. Aspen and Lance Leaf Cottonwood have a wonderful fall color and make a soothing sound in summer.

Trees I hate ... Siberian Elm (AKA Chinese Elm) for the web worms and the mess they make, Tree of Heaven for the smell, Fruitless Mulberry for the pollen.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
Great woods, you frighten me like cathedrals;
You howl like an organ; and our hearts of misery,
Rooms of eternal mourning where quiver ancient rattles,
Answer the echoes of your from the depths I've come to Thee.
- Charles Baudelaire, Obsession

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I have 3 trees in my yard which are the bane of my existance. A silver Maple that drops branches everytime the wind blows, and then in late spring it drops 50 gamillion whirly seed pods that I spend the next 4 months yanking from the garden. The other 2 are walnut trees planted together. The squirrels knock down nuts all over the yard, or they sit in the branches and gnaw nuts dropping bits and peices of it down on everything. I can't plant anything under it because either the juglone kills it or the squirrels do using it for target practice.

I plan on removing both of the monstrosities and replacing them with dwarf fruit trees like peach and apple. Tree's I like much better :)

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I love any type of oak tree. Also love hickory.
HATE maple, wild cherry, and Bradford pear!!

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wanda(Z9 CA)

My favorites are Japanese Maples (color and form), Arbutus marina (a stately tree with wonderful red bark, white bell-shaped flowers, and colorful fruits), Tristania (black & white peeling bark) and Craetagus (I like the leaf shape, flowers and fall color).
I hate flowering plums and Eucalyptus.


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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Love sourwood trees for the gorgeous flowers and wonderful fall foliage. Hate sweet gum for those d*mn prickly balls (even though the leaves are spectacular in fall)

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Cataulpa is my favorite!

My least favorite is oak....can't stand the leaves sticking to the tree for the winter!


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I think I answered this over at the tree forum, but I can't resist an opportunity to knock the LOCUST TREE. It has this name for a reason. The roots travel seemingly for miles and sucker forever - long after the original tree is gone. Then, there's the flower pollen that I'm allergic to, PLUS the seeds! My neighbor loves them. That's another reason...

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

My favorites are Eastern Redbud for its spring color and leaf shape... Oak for its fall color... Prairiefire Crabapple for it's spring color... and any kind of "real" apple tree... I love their gnarled trunks.

My least favorite is a toss up... our neighbors have some kind of locust which makes babies all over our yard... when we moved it we must have pulled hundreds of them each mowing day, all under a foot tall. We still fight them constantly and now they're coming up in my flower beds. The other is the ash in our front yard... last to green up in spring, first to go bare in fall, and it drops those little seed pods all over, which don't sprout but they cover everything like a blanket and follow us into the house.

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Bullnettle(z8b TX)

Favorite: pecan - have 7 large ones here, shade well, drop leaves late in fall, produce tasty nuts, but trees are messy.

Also like live oaks, cedar elms, soapberry, redbud, most all oaks, bald cypress, kidneywood, anachaco orchid (shrubby here), texas persimmon, Mexican plum, wax myrtle (more a shrub here)

Least favorite: hackberries - birds seed them all up and down the fence line; don't die when cut to the ground, just come back up; mulberries - same reasons; chinaberries - same reasons; chinese tallow trees - same reasons

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

Oh gosh, on my "like it" list I totally forgot Jacaranda. Southern California is riddled with them. They're a pain when they drop their flowers, but they are sooooooo beautiful when they bloom. Brilliant small lavender trumpets. Also Avocado. I like the leaves and love the fruit.

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

Favorite- white barked birches in the winter against a deep blue winter sky; most hated, fruitless mulberry with the pollen, catkins, aggressive shallow roots, obscuring dense shade and three solid months of shedding leaves in the fall. No- even worse, a FRUITING mulberry.

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I love my purple weeping willow that I planted just this year. My least favorite tree is the Golden Chain, I just cant stand the smell of those and unfortuatly everyone and their dog has one, luckily no one close in my neighbourhood.


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My favorite is the Royal Poinciana for the delicate leaves, beautiful shape of the tree and the flamboyant red flowers that cover the entire tree. My second favorite is the plumeria for it's masses of fragrant blooms in a variety of colors!

Don't have a least favorite.

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junco44(z6 SW OH)

Favorite is red Japanese maple. It's not just the color and form. I grew up in a house surrounded by 5 of them and have an emotional attachment to them. When Hubby and I built our house in fall of '67 we decided to do our own landscaping to save money. In the spring we bought a Japanese maple sapling for $13, which in those days was expensive, and planted it in our front yard instead of the silver maple that the builder would have used. That tree grew to be gorgeous and survived blizzards, ice and drought. Five years ago I discovered a baby one growing in a flower bed near-by and nurtured it. I'm so glad I did, because the original tree died unexpectedly 2 years ago. I moved the baby to the center of the bed and it's doing great, but small enough that I can still grow sun-loving perennials around it. I put in a butterfly garden where the original tree was.
Other favorites include, redbud, winterking hawthorn (in spite of it's suckers) and Bradford pear. I noticed other posters putting hawthorn and pear on the least favorites list. To each his/her own. They both flower beautifully in the spring and the hawthorn has lovely red berries that feed the birds all winter. The only problem with the pear is that it doesn't lose it's leaves until Jan., which means raking in colder weather.
I really hate female cottonwoods for the messy seeds floating around and clogging everything in sight for 4 mos out of the year. We have them in the neighborhood at our lake house. UGH! The only good thing about them is the Baltimore orioles that nest up high during the summer. There is a new cultivar available that is "cotton-less", a better choice for current planting.

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I love most trees but I've come to hate black ash. They grow straight up and whenever there's a big storm it's an ash that comes down and causes damage. Huge branches snap right off and fly down like torpedos.

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quiltguy154(5-6 PA)

years ago i saw a road lined with paulownia trees, empress trees i believe they're called, in full bloom. can't get the image out of my "SOMEDAY I'LL HAVE ONE" mind. they are way too big for my location. least favorite has to be the female gingkos, when they are doing their only nasty thing. that fruit is too smelly for words. i know some folks eat them, or pop the kernels like corn, but can't get past the odor. thanks for a great topic.

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Favourite : Plumeria. Great natural tree shape, and knock-out flowers and fragrance. If I could only have one tree, this would be it.

Least favourite : Singapore cherry. Bats love these red cherries, and drop them all over the place and create a mess.
Also ficus-somethings. In the tropics, they can grow right through (abandoned) buildings and break them.

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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

favorite-fruited mulberry, at the back of our large lot-because of all the variety of bird that come, like Baltimore orioles. 2nd favorite, russian olive because of its wonderful scent. I hate only dead trees! The more trees the better, I want a forest of one of everything. Every trees has its problem. oh, well.

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I'm partial to Chilean fire tree (Embothrium coccineum), the one tree I've thought of planting all over the property.

As for dislikes, the floral aromas of Elaeagnus angustifolia and Ailanthus altissima can get old pretty fast. But these are appealing in other respects. Maybe it's the same as with Ulmus pumila and Celtis reticulata, with their harsh, scraggly visual effect: guilt by association with hot, dry climates and places.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

--Pinus wallichiana (Himalayan white pine), altho they are really too big for urban lots. Our neighbor up the hill is blessed/cursed with a mature 75-ft specimen. Love how those long downward-drooping needles sway in the wind. Gorgeous!
--Sweetgums. Okay, they drop gumballs. And if you don't train their roots to go down, they'll come up and break sidewalks. But in a mild climate where the maples never get enough chill to turn color, they're our best fall color choice. There's an old maple on our property, all it does is turn yucky yellow and brown every year. There are two varieties of small sweetgums, and I have the variegated one. It turned a fabulous medley of yellow and pink for fall, just beautiful!
--Chinese pistache. They're the only other colorful fall tree here. Wonderful trees, I hope someday we can break up some of the front sidewalk concrete and plant one.
--Leptospermum laevigatum, Australian Tea Tree. They grow very slowly, but a mature specimen is a breathtaking sight in bloom, with dark foliage, raspberry pink flowers, and gnarled bark.

the trees planted in our backyard. We need evergreens to block off the view of a schoolyard below us, but the original owners planted a maple and a walnut tree instead. Smack in the middle of the yard, of course, and they're huge old trees that will cost a fortune to take down. There was also an old fashioned yellow plum tree with tiny plums, very sour skins and mushy sweet yellow flesh. Probably would have been fine for jam, if I were that type of cook (but I'm not). It was lovely in bloom, which was two weeks out of the year. That one, at least, we managed to get rid of.

My neighbor has a better stand of old plantings; quince, crabapple, and persimmons. The persimmon also turns nice colors in the fall and the bright orange fruit left hanging after the leaves fall off, is very colorful.

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xanadu(8/9 N.CA)

JKOM51, maple and walnut may have valuable wood. It's possible you could find a woodworker or logger willing to take your trees out in exchange for the wood. Mature black walnut trees can sell for fabulous prices, but if they are inaccessible you may be out of luck.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Unfortunately, the maple resprouted after the original owner's attempt to cut it down, so it's a cluster of thin trunks. The walnut is not a black walnut, just a regular walnut tree. It would make decent firewood, or maybe a small table, but I doubt they'd get more than that out of it. Nope, they're not valuable except that they're tall, so at least half the year they do block out the schoolyard (our lot slopes downwards, so it takes a 40' tree to screen out the school).

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Very difficult to say "favorite", when there are soo many. Here are a few: Blue Atlas Cedar > Love their form, especially the curved top. Kousa Dogwood > Very graceful, wider than tall, tolerates more sun than wh. dogwood, GREAT bark on older trees, and resistant to dogwood anthracnose. Sweet Bay Magnolia > Late frosts don't hit this one, and an absolutely heady fragrance!
Hate: Topped trees, trees planted in the wrong spot, neglected trees. And the usuals.

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toby5(z5 NY)

My favorites are American Sycamores. For me, their majestic form and wonderful bark make up for their lack of show in autumn. Sure wish I had one in my yard.

Least favorite is Staghorn Sumac. Around here, they're like weeds.

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Weeping Cherry trees are go gorgeous, that they have to be no. 1 in my book. I don't love the Cottonwood tree. They scatter their seedpods/blossoms, which look like huge balls of cotton, all over the ground.

Also, from my childhood, I remember camphor trees. They scattered squishy black berries all over. I haven't seen one of those in years, though.

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I planted two pink dogwoods last year, I just love them because they look so delicate. We have a tree I swear is from hell, it's a locust. A slight wind will send hundreds of twigs all over the lawn. We also have a tulip tree, and I had never heard or seen one of those before. I don't mind it. We quickly got rid of a dangerous tree called a thorn apple. I cannot believe the original owner planted that thing! By the time we got rid of it I was punctured all over and bleeding. Now if we could just afford to get rid of the locust, but at least it provides some shade.

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One of my favorite landscaping trees is cedrus deodara, particularly the "aurea" (golden) variety. It is a lacy, droopy evergreen pyramidal. It has a rich and elegant form that easily becomes a focal point. After many years it can have a 4o foot spread (Sunset Western Garden Book), so it needs to be placed in an area that can accommodate this distance as it looks best when the lower limbs are not pruned up and they can droop gracefully on the ground.

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jomarc(z6 IL)

One of my favorite trees is the gum tree.

One of my least favorite trees is the gum tree.

Anyone who has one knows what I'm talking about.

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I generally love all trees and am surrounded by woods ,and both native and non-native trees I've planted around our yard.I guess my favorite is the lovely red japanese maple I bought from Vernon Barnes Nursery!! My least favorite is the miserable thorny black locust.They seed themselves all around our yard and acreage.The second least liked is the mimosa we started when we first built out here.I'll be pulling seedlings from my flowerbeds forever!!
Love reading every body's posts!

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Favorite, any kind of japanese maple
Any magnolias
I have hickories in my yard that I really like, especially the shagbarks.
Any oak trees. I have many white oak seedlings starting in my yard which I am protecting, and hope someday will grow large enough to take the place of the boxelders I am eliminating.

Most unfavorites:
Boxelders. My yard is full of them. They are always causing problems with blowing over, branches coming down, etc. HATE THEM!!! I am on a crusade to eliminate most of them from my yard.

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Bonnyleigh(z7 NC)

I love Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Redbuds, Cherries, deciduous Magnolias, and most Oak.. I have a soft spot for Pin Oaks especially... and I love Foster's Hollies.

I hate (for a yard.. love it in the forest) a 70 chestnut tree, tulip poplars ( I also love these in naturalized areas.. but not my yard), and my ABSOLUTE least favorite Bradford Pear. It always get damaged in ice storms.. and it's flowers are stinky.. and it's just plain overdone and ugly...

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Maples, Norway and silver. UGH!!!

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lms1(z5-6 PA)

I vote with those who say that the black locust is a horrible tree. A big old one behind our house fell during a windstorm 5 years ago, and we had it removed down to the stump. It is *still* sending up saplings, over a range of about 60 feet from the stump!

One good thing about it: the wood burns long and hot!

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)

I have towering Norwegian Maples as street trees in front, Silver Maples in my back yard and an old fashioned (non-sterile, seeds everywhere)Hibiscus-like tree in back as well. Sometimes it seems half my gardening time is spent pulling stuff out. GGgrrrrrr!

As I tell my husband, if I ever hit the lottery the first thing Im doing is calling in a tree service.

What I love most are Weeping Cherries, Dogwoods(and we do have one of those,)Magnolias, Oaks, Birches and my favorite -- those ancient humongous silver-barked Beeches with loopy branches that nothing can grow under but which splay down and become their own kingdoms.


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monafuntz(z5 MI)

My favorites: The MIMOSA!!! I unfortunely live in zone 5 and they are rare here. I want one so desperately and guess I will have to wait until I move to warmer climates. I also love the magnolia. It is so pretty.

I hate: Soft maples!!!! They are a pain in the bum! They are weak, the bark peels, they drop "wirlybirds" which grow into more soft maples .... everywhere!!!!!! The town I grew up in planted them all over in new subdivisions and I guess that was because they are cheap. The leaves aren't even full and are hard to rake in the fall. The hard maple is prettier and they dump lots of junk but at least the leaves are lush and are pretty in the fall. You can also burn the wood from a hard maple where as a soft maple is a bad wood to burn in your fireplace.

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monafuntz,It's not that I don't like the mimosa it'sself ,It's the seeding I don't like.It's a beautiful tree,and the hummingbirds love the blossums,but even a year old seedling has a root that 'goes to china'!!!!!
The large three-trunked one in our front yard died(they are also short-lived),But we still have a multible-trunked one up our driveway.....And ALL those seedlings!

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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

I don't know the name of my favorite.. it blooms HUNDREDS of large pink-purple flowers, right before it grows leaves every year. It looks for a while as if it has Pink-Purple leaves.

I HATE CHINESE TALLOW BERRY. And, i hate whetever tree grows all over my backyard- it has dry, scratchy leaves, thin bark, and the toughest hardest wood I know. It also multiplies faster than a box of assorted rabbits.

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Marianna_NWFla(z8 Fla)

scrub oaks-ugly
u/known oak in yard-root saplings everywhere
popcorn trees-pretty to look at but very prolific seeds
stemy boxwood type leaves-can't dig up roots, can't kill
cookie cutter trees- I want anything different
Cropped crepe myrtles
jap. maples
flowering cherries-in bloom
dogwoods-in bloom
certain oaks
Color Color Color

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shellytc(7b VA)

Favorite tree: magnolia in someone elses yard

my least favorite: magnolia in my yard.


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rcontreras(7b NGa)

Favorites are live & white oaks, magnolia, chinese fir.
Least favorites: chinaberry; those nasty, scraggly wild cherry and Bradford Pear.

I bought a cluster of Chinese Tallow Berries to put in a dried arrangement and was going to plant some. Thank heavens somebody warned me in time!

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Let's see... I love japanese maples (laceleaf when I can afford it), kousa dogwoods, crabapples and flowering fruit trees. Well, and dwarf regular fruit trees too! I also like weeping birch... oh heck I could go on and on.

Hate. Tulip maples. Not the tulip tree with the beautiful flowers, this is a big tree that gets tulip shaped cones or something on it. I don't know because I've never stood under one long enough to look, BECAUSE, around here this tree spends the summer emitting a constant mist of sap so that anything left under it for even a few hours becomes encased in the stuff. No joke, like it was dipped in candy coating. You can't park your car under one or you won't be able to open your car doors.

Oh yes, and I'm having a personal hate relationship with two trees right now. First, my neighbor's misshapen, under-the-powerlines, giant-needles-everywhere, pine tree (which unfortunately even though she hates too won't cut down because it was her and her late husband's first Christmas tree). Second, the immense overgrown rats nest of a hazelnut in my backyard. It's brittle, it drops branches if you so much as sneeze, has suckers that come up by the dozen ALL YEAR LONG, and is about 15' across of random criscrossing trunks. It's like a godzilla shrub grown 30' tall, I swear.

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

I'll throw out a couple of different ones just for fun:

Favorites not previously mentioned: Sassafras - interesting branching pattern, yellow blooms, great fall color and fun leaf shape; Katsuratree - purple new leaves, cherry red petioles into summer, - I'm still waiting on the cotton candy scent when the leaves fall; Paperbark maple - interesting bark, fall color.

I also really like eastern redcedar, though most people consider it a weed around here. I like the ones that get a hazy purple cast in the winter.

Least favorites not previously mentioned: Mulberry - just a weed.

    Bookmark   June 1, 2003 at 11:11PM
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My favorite is dogwood. I love white dogwood and azaleas blooming in the spring.

My least favorite is the Indian Rosewood growing in my next door neighbor's yard that puts up shoots all over my yard, and I suspect is the culprit whose roots are causing my stucco to break.

    Bookmark   June 5, 2003 at 6:57PM
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giantswife(z8 OR)

Favorite Japanese Lace leaf maple. The 2 I can't stand
Good old black locust first the messy flowers then the messy seed pods, brittle limbs and millions of small leaves in the fall. Had 2 of those trees at our old house that we moved from 16 years ago and I still shudder to think of them. Second one is white birch another messy tree
small whip like limbs fall when it gets windy and there messy little flower/seed things that are in the gutters on the patio, roof the of house all the time. And in the fall the small leaves

    Bookmark   June 8, 2003 at 6:45PM
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Tarheelgardener(z6b-7 NC)

I love most trees, I guess that's good since I live in the woods! A couple of my fav's are Tulip Poplar- fast growing straight, Sweet Birch, Oaks, & Hemlocks.
Don't like Locust-thorny, brittle, rampant roots, Bradford Pear- smelly, much too brittle, never makes a good size tree.

    Bookmark   June 12, 2003 at 6:24PM
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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

My favorites will always be large evergreen trees like douglas fir (can't spell the botanical pseudotsuga name), norway spruce, grand fir, other "christmas-tree" types.
I also like smaller evergreens like yew.

The reason is because they are green year-round. I need something to make me happy in the wintertime. Evergreens also smell really nice.

    Bookmark   June 13, 2003 at 5:54AM
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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

Oh, and my least favorites:

#1 Ailanthus Altissima "tree of heaven", "ghetto palm".
#2 The local Hawthorne of the pacific NW. (I think the flowers reek!)

    Bookmark   June 13, 2003 at 6:05AM
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STROBE(zn 7b)

least fave:

pine trees--i dont' like the pine straw being EVERYWHERE! it hurts to walk on if you aren't wearing shoes. the sap gets on your car and is hard to get off. the pollen gets on everything too.

-mimosa tree--having one tree would be perfectly alright with me. but if you have one tree and you miss cutting the grass one time, you have 300 trees. the seeds are, i don't know, indestructible (sp?). i 've been thinking lately how i almost want one. but then i remember about all the little trees.

most favorite trees:
-any kind of oak-i just wish they grew faster. very good looking. sturdy, provides lots of shade depending on the variety.
-japanese maple-i think everyone likes these. very nice foilage.
-saucer magnolia-i love the white/pink flowers in spring, but it looks like a mess to cleanup. imagine those flowers smashed and rotting all over your driveway! eww.



    Bookmark   June 15, 2003 at 11:18PM
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Well I just happened to be looking at this forum and must tell you about a wonderful tree that fits both categories.

A few weeks ago I was driving by a friends house and noticed how beautiful her flowering crab tree was this year. When I told her how pretty it was she said yes it was beautiful but she also hated it. I saw why about a week later when she came to my house and her entire car was covered in petals from that tree. Well yesterday I stopped by her place and sat on her veranda and that tree grows up and over the veranda. It was amazing how enclosed it felt, like being in a tree house. That tree was one of the nicest I have ever seen, but because of the petals dropping on the vehicles it was also one of the nastiest.

    Bookmark   June 19, 2003 at 6:36PM
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Mikeytoo(CA z10 / 23)

Favorites that we have in the yard:
leptospermum laevigatum - somewhat finicky, we planted four of them three years ago but lost two. One is turning into a beautiful gnarly specimen.
bauhinia blakeana (Hong Kong orchid) - beautiful purple flowers blooms almost all year here.
bauhinia variegata (white Hong Kong orchid)
bronze loquat - showy bronze and green foliage and thick white blossoms in early spring
jacaranda - not near where the mess matters
engelmann oak
blue palo verde - an unusual California native with nice yellow flowers
japanese maple - just planted one of generic type
brazilian pepper
weeping bottlebrush
crape mytrle
California pepper

Favorites that we don't have:
California live oak - there are some ancient ones around here and I am extremely jealous of them
New Zealand Christmas tree (Metrosideros excelsus - looks great with Echium fastuosum, salvia leucantha, etc. but we don't have a place for one
Mexican palo verde - I love these!! We have a place for one but have some work to do before it's ready.

Don't like:
California sycamore - the big leaves clog up out pool
Red eucalyptus - messy and disease prone
carrotwood - pretty industrial looking
washingtonia palm - they grow like weeds

    Bookmark   June 20, 2003 at 1:40PM
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Weeping Willow cause it is so graceful and pleasing in the wind. Love to lie underneath it in a nice breeze.

Crepe Myrtle because the smooth bark variations are just shall I say...sexy?

Redbuds and Jap maples...of course

The only tree I hate:

Bradford Pear cause it is DEFECTIVE. Yes, they are gorgeous in fall and spring but because all branches grow from same part of trunk they break in half like twigs. I personally don't like the way they form such a ball shape that you can't see through them and they look even worse when a storm hits and half of that "ball" is gone. Such a waste in my book. I like a tree to last for decades or centuries not several years. Okay, maybe another reason is because everyone here plants them-- probably the most common tree in town. Sheep! ;-)

    Bookmark   June 22, 2003 at 5:40PM
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I have a love/hate relationship with the 50' sugar maple out in the backyard...on the one hand: beautiful fall color, summer shade for sitting under (keeps that side of the house cooler), habitat for birds and squirrel (well, the squirrel is a mixed blessing, right?), drops leaves in fall to let sun warm house in winter. On the other hand: I am also forever trying to rid my mixed borders of the daggone sapplings! They have roots for days! I pull, chop, tried roundup...nothing eradicates them completely! Any ideas for that problem???? Help!!!

    Bookmark   June 26, 2003 at 1:26AM
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fishcookie(z9bCA Sunset 19)

Favorites, Eucalyptus of all kinds. Tall, graceful in the wind, and I love the scent. Especially "Citriodora." Trees I like the least: Washingtonia palms. They are hideous and they reseed like tumbleweeds in my area.

    Bookmark   June 26, 2003 at 7:08PM
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I can not stand pine trees and azaleas. They are both very overused, and the sap and mess from the pine needles is awlful. When I worked for orkin, the fire ants and snakes loved to hide in the pine needles that were used for mulch.

    Bookmark   June 26, 2003 at 9:23PM
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Maples and birches are my favorites.

Sycamores smell bad.

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peaches69(z9 CA)

Love the jacaranda -- summer bloom is stunning w/ lilac flowers.
Coral bark Japanese maple (green foliage w/ red bark), bloodgood Japanese maple (dark red foliage).
Purple robe locust (robinia) has no seedlings (unlike standard locust) and beautiful, fragrant purple blossoms in spring, quite like a wisteria blossom.
Akebono cherry has lovely whitish pink blossoms and beautiful bark.

Not a big fan of camphor trees -- they drop leaves year round and berries too. Nice shape, however, provided it's not on my property....

    Bookmark   July 27, 2003 at 3:02PM
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bamboogrrrl(z5 NY)

Favorites? Japanese maples (we have two raised by my dad), sugar maples (dh makes an annual batch of syrup!), hickory (gorgeous yellow in fall with a lovely shape), dogwoods, redbuds, locusts (excellent firewood for our woodstove and I like how their blossoms smell), oaks, gnarled apple trees, catalpas, sassafrass.

Least favorites? Ailanthus - a truly evil tree without a single redeeming quality as far as I can tell, wild cherry (looks leggy when they get big), hackberry (leaves covered with mites, but nice shape), mulberry (stinky when its fruit drops).

This year we planted a Kwanzan cherry and two peach trees. We'll see in a few years which list we will add them to. And we planted more dogwoods, redbuds and locust for firewood.

    Bookmark   July 28, 2003 at 2:48PM
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Favorites include any kind of oaks, particularly live oaks as they have a graceful habit and the deep green leaves. And nice healthy muture crape myrtles that have been properly pruned over the years [like a tree and not butchered on top].

Least favorites include hackberry and mesquite. I just don't like the look of either of these trees and the hackberry poops very hard to pull up, invasive seedlings all over the place.


    Bookmark   July 31, 2003 at 11:37PM
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favorites: hornbeams (Ostrya;Carpinus)
familiar with this genera in native habitats.Not the best of architectural forms, but interesting understory natives...

    Bookmark   August 1, 2003 at 2:22PM
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roxatfox(6 Mass.)

Never having met a tree I didn't like, I couldn't imagine anyone actually hating a tree. Now I find that there are many, and on Gardenweb no less! Despite having a fondness for all trees, I have to admit to being somewhat partial to Tamaracks. They are not indigenous to my area, but when transplanted to the right spot, they are very satisfying to grow. They shoot up quickly, become lacy and graceful in the summer, and turn a beautiful golden color in the fall. They drop their needles in the winter allowing the sun through, and bring me delight every spring with the new growth.

    Bookmark   August 2, 2003 at 10:52AM
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My favorites are the Redbuds, dwarf Japanese Maples, and the Walking Stick Tree. Can't think of a one that is my least favorite...

    Bookmark   August 4, 2003 at 9:56PM
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barefoot_babe(z6 PA)

Favorites - White Birch (no raking!) and I love to watch the delicate leaves dance in the wind outside my window.
Lace leaf Japanese Maple, Flowering crab apples (when in bloom) and bradford pear

Hate: Any oak tree. These leaves are such a pain to clean up. The neighbor has one and all th leaves blow onto my yard and cover my back porch,, blow into the house, etc.
Maple trees - helicopters in my gutters.....AAARGH!

    Bookmark   August 6, 2003 at 8:23AM
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My favorites are: Sugar Maple, Catalpa, and Mimosa. Least favorites are Silver Maple, Box Elder, and the huge Osage Orange that dumps its "fruit" all over my yard and is so wide spreading that it takes up half of my yard even though it is a young tree. I keep tripping over the Silver Maple's big roots and I can't have a paved walkway or driveway because of this tree. Box Elder seedings are everywhere in my yard as are the Silver Maple seedlings.

    Bookmark   August 6, 2003 at 12:10PM
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Sambo_VA(6b-7a Virginia)

hmm....well my favorites have to be Live oak ( Quercus virginiana), Eastern Redbud, mature Cedrus, Willow Oak, mature Acer rubrum, large Japanese Maples- any variety, Virginia Pine- Pinus virginiana that has been grown in an open field- they get almost like Cedrus in a smaller form.

I like Mimosas- the tall, spreading ones in full bloom ( only if the flowers werent fertile and they were long lived, they'd be perfect!) I love large Beech trees with their huge smooth trunks and flaring surface roots.

I cant stand bradford pear anymore. They smell, their always small ,have an un-natural habit and as was mentioned earlier, they are self-destructive! Sweetgum are annoying, and they arent good for anything but fall color!

That pretty much sums it up!


    Bookmark   September 5, 2003 at 9:21PM
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I love oaks, I have a wide variety. Especially ones that like it moist. Swamp Chestnut Oak, Pin Oak, Willow Oak, Water Oak and Swamp White Oaks are just a few, and they grow fast with quality fall colors at different times.
I dont mind Red Maple and Sugar Maple.
I hate Silver Maple and Norway Maple, they are ugly, invasive with poor fall colors and disrupting roots systems.
I would never introduce Green Ash to my property either, its a messy tree, but maybe it would make good firewood.

    Bookmark   January 25, 2004 at 10:02AM
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jeanpaul(z6 NM)

favorite-- Russian olive, because the Army Corps of Engineers is calling for 100% eradication and historically the Army Corps of Engineers has been wrong about everything.

least favorite-- fake Hollywood trees that keep blooming through all seasons (e.g. The Last Samurai)

    Bookmark   January 29, 2004 at 1:27PM
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My favorites....

Dogwood, Redbud, Weeping willow, loblolly pine....

Least favorite...

Paradise tree, gum, sassafras (sure it smells good but Ive got them everywhere!) locust

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Rohail(z11 Pakistan)

I've fallen in love with the michelia champaca for its smell. Laburnum is also beautiful for its drooping yellowflowers, and when flowers fall off a jacaranda tree it just carpets the garden. Going to go buy an ylang ylang today!!!

    Bookmark   February 7, 2004 at 7:57AM
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jtmacc99(z5/6 NY)

I love big, old, red oaks; the kind with limbs as big as other trees stretching in every direction.

Unfortunately, my 8-year-old home was built right where the barn was from the old cow pasture, so the trees were cleared a long time ago. (It is also unfortunate that the previous homeowner didn't even bother to put in a few saplings anywhere on the property.) So, my little oak trees will hopefully be enjoyed by those who come after me.

For now, I'm a big fan of the October Glory Red Maples I planted. They're not to big yet, but they look like fireworks exploding in the fall.

I can live without willow trees.

    Bookmark   February 16, 2004 at 2:49PM
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Gardener_Greg(z4 NY)

My favorite tree is the Japanese Stewartia. Wonderful bark and Flowers- a four season tree and very hardy (mine has taken 30 degrees below zero. Another favorite is the three-flowered maple(acer triflorum), Great bark and wonderful Fall color.
I despised Norway Maples for obvious reasons and White Pines because they get too big for suburban yards and are very messy.

    Bookmark   February 23, 2004 at 8:54PM
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I have so many favorites, but probably my 5 best would be: jacaranda (beautiful flowers, gorgeous leaves), queen palm (very graceful and fast growing), camphor (year round green leaves, wonderful odor, and although I hear the berries can be a nuisance, I will grin and bear it), canary island date palm (big and gets neat ferns growing on it) and norfolk island pine (very different looking, my own personal giant Christmas tree that kinda looks out of place in Florida), all of which I have planted in the yard (and then some). Trees I dislike intensely are chinese tallow (beautiful fall colour, but very invasive like a weed from hell), scrub oaks (just dog ugly, aka in North Florida as Turkey Oak), Dogwood Tree (pretty flowers, a nice foliage in early spring, but foliage gets icky looking as summer wears on, especially if it doesn't rain enough and I dislike the way the tree looks in the winter when there are no leaves and it just looks creepy looking with all the spanish moss hanging off of it-- kinda like a dead tree), magnolias (had old beautiful ones around 80 ft tall in north florida, but between raking up the spent leaves twice a year and picking up the cones, they became too much of a nuisance) and finally I would have to say, Chinaberry Tree (grows like a weed and has a perpetual supply of beads falling all over).


    Bookmark   March 3, 2004 at 11:36AM
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bbled_5(SW ALA)

fav. - Sweet Gums, and Hickories, the leaves look so good in the fall

least - hackberry, nuf said

    Bookmark   March 6, 2004 at 1:29PM
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Rohail(z11 Pakistan)

My most hated tree has to be Pipal(Ficus Religiosa) I have 3 massive ones growing outside my boundary wall. They're effective for privacy but sinfully ugly, invasive, they break walls and sprout from cement(found one sprouting in cement on my 2nd floor balcony!). If I could have instant 50 foot trees I'd cut them in a heartbeat.
Favourite trees- So many! Michelia Champaca(and Figo) for its smell, Ditto Ylang Ylang. I love the way Jacaranda can carpet a lawn with its petals in spring. Laburnum has beautiful yellow racemes. Frangipani smells like a dream. Crape myrtle has STUNNING colour. I could go on....

    Bookmark   March 11, 2004 at 10:50AM
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hey people, does anyone have anything good or bad 2 say about a chinese pistache???

    Bookmark   May 9, 2004 at 5:24PM
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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

My favorites include sugar and silver maples, both are so pretty, the sugar maples look so beautiful in the fall where the silver is lovely in a breeze, the sun glittering off the leaves (silver maple is weak is the main drawback). I also love white oaks, and beeches. Apples are pretty, and flowering crab apples are in bloom all over so they are now a favorite.
I HATE poplars and cottonwoods. They are weak, break all the time, and are filthly with pollen, cotten, sticky seed pods and are just horrid trees. f the cotton isn't blowing all over the yards, cars, in the house all over the screens, then the branches are breaking and all over the yard. THEN the seedpods fall and are a mess to clean!! I like birches but they are too weak too, the harsh winters and snow wreck them. Don't like pines, I agree they are overused and the sap is so nasty. I know a lot of people love them near their house but I wouldn't live in a pinewoods.

    Bookmark   May 14, 2004 at 9:15PM
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lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)

My favorite tree is the big huge burr oak in my backyard. It has to be a couple hundred years old- its just enourmous. And my least favorite are the 3 locust trees in my yard, while the flowers smell wonderfull, they "snow" all over the place, make a mess in my pond, spread all over the place AND theyre a real stinker to try and rake- all those little cornflake leaves and mini-twigs. Plus they have atrocious thorns !!!!

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

My least favorite tree is the one that poops purple berries all over my car every spring. I don't know what it's called, but it literally poops hundred of ripe berries that splat when they hit the ground and leave a lovely staining mound of squished berry.

My favorite trees are:

- female ginko trees that turn gorgeous yellow in the fall

- weeping willows

- magnolia trees in the spring when the blossoms emerge

- japanese maples for the colors and leaf shapes

- very old oak trees for how graceful the branches can get - oaks just have a way of looking so wise!

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mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)

My favorites that would never live here are white birch and aspen. I love birch bark and shimmering aspen leaves.

My favorites that will live here are pretty much any oak, Texas and Mexican redbud, and madrone. Oh, how I want some madrones on my property!! Oh, and desert willow is SO pretty!

I'm not even sure what my least favorite would be. In the past, I would have said mesquite, because it's invasive and almost impossible to get rid of. But without it, we wouldn't have many trees here. If you prune it properly, it will grow into a tree instead of staying shrub-like. We have some really old, big ones on our property that I think are beautiful. I have gotten to where I like the lacy sort of leaves on it. And while it's not a good shade tree, it's good to plant things under, because it's just enough shade to keep things from frying, but not too much shade. Oh, and it stays green in the summer, when all of the grasses and wildflowers are turning brown from the drought!

Tamarisk (salt cedar) is a pest around here in the rivers and lakes, but, at least they are pretty when they flower, and the provide wildlife habitat. I just would NEVER plant one. Everytime I think of a tree I'm not crazy about, I think of some redeeming quality it has. I guess I'm just an optimist:)

    Bookmark   May 28, 2004 at 11:49AM
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dirtboy58(Zone 7 MD)

Okay, now it's time to ask the birds! :)

    Bookmark   July 1, 2004 at 12:25PM
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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't think I've posted here, but maybe!, however, favorite trees are:

the Crabapple and

Crepe Myrtle. I haven't met one of either variety I didn't like and want.

Leat favorite:

Wild cherry. And only because of the tent caterpillars. So gross!

    Bookmark   July 2, 2004 at 7:10PM
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analyst01(z9 CA)

I am located in Southern California, in an inland valley area with plenty of sun and dry, hot summers. I am considering a chinese pistcahe for the small front yard of my 2-story home. I've been doing a lot of homework on the Internet about this species. Most of what I read about this tree is good. But can anyone give me a reason NOT to consider this tree, and are there other trees I should consider that would be better choices than this one? Thanks so much.

    Bookmark   July 5, 2004 at 5:31PM
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Favorites: white birch- i like the bark and the way they tend to "split" as they grow. Contorted Filbert because of its' uniqueness.
Least favorites: mimosa- a dirty tree and fruitless mulberry trees.

    Bookmark   July 31, 2004 at 2:56PM
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Daliah(zone 5)

HATE: cedar (any kind)
manitoba maple

LOVE: weeping mulberry

    Bookmark   August 7, 2004 at 6:02PM
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cinsay(z5 OH)

Favorites: Tulip tree, Sweet Gum, Sassafrass, American elm (when healthy), Ohio Buckeye (I'm a fan :-), Larch (but mines infested with Japanese beetles right now, don't think it is gonna make it), Swamp white oak, domestic basswood (as in not the wild type), American beech.

Least favorite: Silver maple, Ornamental crab apples, "red" maples (the ones with purple leaves, I like the ones that turn red in the fall...), Japanese maple - they seem to fragile for my tastes.


    Bookmark   August 12, 2004 at 10:44PM
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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

My favorite tree is the Hass Avocado, for its fruit and its tropical foliage. I must also put in a good word for the Mexican Elderberry, which is shrubby, messy, and attracts numerous species of bird to our yard. I too like the Purple Robe Locust for a very fast growing shade tree with gorgeous raspberry colored racemes (I'll be dead before my English Walnut grows to a respectable size).

Least Favorite: The Ash that blackenend the yard, reproduced itself like tribbles, and cost 1500 to cut down. Oh, and the Silver Maple that lifted my kitchen floor and required months of raking in the fall and winter.

    Bookmark   September 13, 2004 at 10:03PM
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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

Favorite tree is the Sycamore (London Plane), and next would be oaks, then red maples. We just planted all three - two sycamores, three red oaks, and two red maples.

Least favorite is black locust, followed by Idaho, purple robe, etc. We just had to remove five black locust that suckered and came up from an Idaho. At first they were fine, then they flowered and the aphids came. For more details, see my rant to happ on the CA. forum. We'll be pulling up seedlings til doomsday. grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful:

    Bookmark   September 17, 2004 at 1:03PM
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Jennifer Kosco

my favorite trees change... used to be river birch, black walnut, and oaks. now i am turning to fruit trees - too many to list.

hate: sweetgum, silver maple, and mulberry


    Bookmark   September 28, 2004 at 12:08AM
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thumbs down: elms, maples, and boxelder (if I could blink my eyes and make every last one drop dead, I would in a heartbeat)
thumbs up: aspen, birch, serviceberry, ginko, redbud, pagoda dogwood, and many others

    Bookmark   September 28, 2004 at 1:36PM
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LaurelLily(9a Houston, TX)

Favorite: Bay Laurel
Reason: Useful in cooking, smells wonderful, beautiful evergreen foliage, wonderful tradition (crowns of laurel leaves were given to athletes and poets), repels cockroaches

Least favorite: Bananna trees
Reason: Attract cockroaches like crazy

Only you southern gardeners can really appreciate that.

    Bookmark   December 14, 2004 at 9:11PM
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steph_va(7 VA)

favorites: hollies, river birch, white oak, Eastern Redbud
can't stand: Bradford Pear. It is everywhere down here--falls apart in a strong wind, horrible pollen, and I can't stand those stupid lollypop shapes.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2005 at 4:05PM
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gandle(4 NE)

Surprised I haven't seen yellowwood mentioned. Cladrastis kentukea. Classy.

    Bookmark   February 5, 2005 at 7:50PM
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tkeenan1(z6 MD)

Favorite: Sycamore (for their majestic size, their bark, and broad leaves)
Least Favorite: Tree of Heaven (for smell, horrible weedy growth habit, useless wood, and tendency to blow down in storms)

    Bookmark   December 17, 2005 at 8:34AM
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Willow Oak , its dappled shade effects on a city sidewalk, Foster Holly Tree,its beautiful next to campus buildings, Magnolia Trees, seem warm and dark at the same time, Pin Oak, looks uniform but still wild, Blue Spruce, color and size, Japanese Maple, neat concept and varieties, Red Maple, beautiful colors, Sugar Maple, fall colors and history, Norway Spruce, great in the summer or contrasting against snow in winter,Black Gum, neat history and Fall colors it's an underated tree, Ginkgo Trees,wonderful history fan shaped leaves and yellow color in the fall White Oaks, beauty and size potential. I like some False Cypress trees too because of their evergreen color varieties such as Crippsii.
Dislike: Silver Poplar, too many suckers and shallow roots Silver Maple (in a yard) drops limbs and shallows roots.

    Bookmark   January 3, 2006 at 4:22PM
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My favourite tree is without question the Scots pine with it's lined craggy bark and knopps of green pine needles.The branches are easily broken in the wind creating Arthur Rackham style pictures.Against a clear blue sky they are unsurpassingly beautiful.
My least favourite is my neighbours leylandii fir which seems to grow whilst I'm looking and blocks the sun from my geenhouses.

    Bookmark   August 18, 2006 at 1:09PM
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Katrinawitch(Zone 6b NJ)

I love trees, almost all kinds, but I hate, Hate, HATE the Pin Oak! We have 4 huge ones in our yard, and they're the messiest trees ever. Their leaves are ugly, and shrivel up and turn brown on the tree. No fall color to speak of. Every spring the dusty green pins cover my yard, car, house, kids, you name it. They have spindly, tangly branches that come down and litter the yard at the slightest wind, all year round. And tons of acorns in the fall (well, the squirrels love those).

The only good think I can say about them is that they provide some shade.

Our Shade Tree Commision in town wanted to put one in our front yard! I told them no way!

My favorite would probably be the dogwood, for all around beauty; beautiful flowers in spring, lovely shape, nice shiny leaves, berries in fall. I like the shape and bark of birches, and the fall color of several varities of maples.

    Bookmark   November 13, 2006 at 4:39PM
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squigly bark gum trees
most tropical trees

paper bark
i don't know any of the names

    Bookmark   January 19, 2007 at 6:12PM
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natalie4b(7b GA)

Fig tree, because I have planted it together with my kids 3 years ago. Every time I look at it, it makes me happy!

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Thanks folks for the geography/biology lessons. I've just completed this whole thread and it's been fun. In this northern bush of balsam, spruce, cedar, poplar and white pine it's satisfying to read names of places and trees that seem so exotic. I wonder if our months of cold weather leave us with just the hardy native varieties? This has been great.It's two in the morning with an April snow coming down. Thanks again.

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Empress Tree (growth rate and unusual structure)
Dawn Redwood (unusual/fantastic history)
Giant Sequoia
Sugar Maples (beautiful color in the fall)
Those Purple Maples (purple foliage  canÂt figure out what it is  want one though!)
Oleander (canÂt grow it here  but itÂs absolutely idiot proof.)

Least favorite:

Scrub oaks
The Junky Oak thatÂs at the end of my driveway
Ash! (What a worthless tree - drops branches, not twigs, branches!)
Cottonwood! (Fuzzy, nasty, weirdness that floats and gets stuck in radiators, screens, and your nose! Also litters the yard with branches!)

And unfortunately, IÂve got all my "least" favorites in my yard. IÂm trying to slowly replace them with my favorites.

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My favorites are cottonwood (yes, cottonwood) and sycamore. I love the height and shape of these trees. I especially love the sycamore trees' bark. The beautiful white color stands out amoung the other trees. They grow along the creek beds here in the Ozarks of Missouri. We have a cottonwood tree in our yard and it is the prettiest tree we have. Yes, it spreads cotton puffs everywhere, but I still love this species. Black Walnut is another of my favorites. I think these are beautiful trees.

My least favorite tree with out a doubt is the gum tree. Those are the most horrid trees on earth!!! They are pretty trees in the spring and fall but they drop the most horrid gum balls that must be picked up constantly! I also am not fond of mulberry trees either. They are really ugly and parts of them die out and leave leafless branches hanging in them.

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I enjoy all the paperbark trees. They look very old and rustic the way the bark just lays there.

I dislike Momosa (sp?) with a passion. They grow every you do not want them to grow, get struck by lightning more often than other trees, and they go right for the sewer pipes!

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esofva(7b VA)

I love the grafted Weeping Cherry! So beautiful when it is in bloom and the long drooping stems and leaves are so interesting when not!!
also, the Japanese Plum Yew!! Wish I had two more! The needles are beautiful!

I hate hollies. The leaves fall all over and if you are barefooted you are bound to get stuck!
Also, Wild cherries...birds love the fruit and then the birds love your car!

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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mortswife97630(SE OR.)

We have a lot of English Elm here. They drip sap all summer and the box elder bugs stay all year if you have the trees. We cut down 5 and no longer have the bugs [they are friendly though] :-)

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Favorite tree: Bald Cypress (Fairly fast growing but very tough, mine survived a horrid ice storm in 2002 with nary a broken limb, interesting shape in winter, gorgeous rusty color in fall.)
Least favorite: Silver Maple (just axed one Sunday. Hated the helicopter seeds, shallow roots, very weak and can't hack an ice storm.)
Newest Addtion: Japanese Maple (Don't know of any pros and cons yet. It's just a little baby now. Ask in a few years.)
Would Love to Have: small Weeping Cherry (With high lines in yard, limited on tree height so weeping cherry sounds good.) and Dawn Redwood (With high lines in yard, will never grow, but would have loved to try. Maybe if I buy the property next door? Never know.)

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The Mimosa tree is the bane of my existense! They never die-never! And the seedlings grow so fast you can't keep up! Next to that I'd probably say the Silver Maple, for all the reason's that have been previously stated.

My favorites are Cherry tree's. I love them all. Especially the Yoshino and the Weeping. I think I also am partial to the Jacaranda tree, but I've never had one so I'm purely speculating.

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Favorite - Palms

Least Favorite - The oh so boring Bradford Pear.


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Overcup Oak, Burr Oak, Sugar Maple, Sycamore, Japanese Maple, Redbud.

Least Favorite:
Tree of Heaven, Sumacs, Norway Maple, Paulownia. They are all invasive in my area. TOH and Sumacs are like a plague.

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Favorites: Beach, Crab Apple, White Pine, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Sugar Maple, Honeylocust, holly.

Least Favorite: Arbor Vitae. Boring tree that produces no flowers or fruit and always looks fake. WAY overused.

I have a love/hate relationship with: Eastern Red Cedar, Catalpa, Sweet Gum, Wild Cherry. Look weedy, but I admire their toughness.

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Living in Wisconsin I do adore so many different trees. But my Mom had a gorgeous flowering mini crab apple tree that in spring would smell so wonderful, like almost a musky Hibiscus type scent that would last about 4 weeks. The fruit on this tree was about as small as a pea and was very abundant as the tree itself in bloom would look like one big huge flower on it's own. But most of the pea sized apples that would never have any issues with scabbing or insects would stay on the tree through the winter that would be a #1 staple of the bird life that never flew south for the winter time as my Mom would also have bird houses and Cardinals would stay along with Red Winged Black Birds and others. When the trees were flowering they would attract so many butterflies, humming birds and honey bees, that the next door neighbor would surly get his fill from, and even offer up honey to my Mom, otherwise he wouldn't have had so much honey and bees wax to sell at the farmers market. But unfortunately in 2012, my Mom's condo association voted on removing her wonderful bird and furry ground fellows tree (Yes! Also the squirrels of at least 3 to 5 different kinds would take advantage of all of the tiny apples that had fell to ground, along with chipmunks and some other furry ground animals, so I never did see what the big deal was. They had said that tree had made a mess. Well I beg to differ, and the closing vote was neighbor that actually got kicked out by the banks foreclosure no more than 4 months later. Now my 2nd favorite tree would be the lilac tree, not the bush but the actual tree. I remember when I had one right outside my bedroom window and the scent of lilacs would come in through out the lilac season, and my Dad had planted them to flower 2 weeks apart from each other, so I had that scent in my bedroom going for a good 4-6 weeks long at least! Now Wisconsin has a law in place that no one is allowed and will be fined if they are to plant any sort of troublesome tree. One big one being the darn Cotton Wood Tree. And for those that have them on their land that are in neighborhoods that clog up gutters and fly over to parks in which the fire departments HAVE to do a controlled burn to keep them from growing out of control every single year. This junk get into your air filters and in your cars, garages, homes and all over the place. I really hate these trees, and I just don't understand why people would take advantage of free removal by the city, especially if they have a fire place, free wood to burn for them for the winter time. And now these trees are huge! It's just unreal what you pull out of your gutters every year. Even though we want to enjoy our spring times and not have our usual floods as that is what usually happens here, but when you have Cotton Wood trees, you almost beg for rain every day so these seeds will only drop on the owners home and not yours when floating through the air and causing allergies with watery eyes, sneezing and being all stuffed up from just trying to enjoy the outside, which is impossible when you have a cantankerous neighbor that just won't take down that damn tree, even though it almost looks like it's 1/2 way dead anyway. Maybe some day it will get hit by lightning, and then he will have to use his home owners insurance to fix what ever damage it has caused and Karma will win in end. Just because he didn't do right by others. I know if I bought property, I would surely call the city and have them come and take it down as soon as they were able. And one more tree I don't care for all that much for at all either, is the Maple tree and for some reason, the seeds or what some people call whirly birds or helicopters I think they are a real pain in ars and for some reason the are falling off all year long and are green and slimy. Leaving the steps and landings all stained with this slimy mess so you can't even sit down and dry your hair naturally in the nice weather. And sometimes they even drop in clumps but when they do that they are too heave and drop onto the lawn, or what ever is left of it, when it rains it's a muddy mess on that side. I am doing my best to get the heck out of here, but I have some issues I need take care of right away! Heath issues that are stopping me from doing the simplest tasks. I never thought I'd need to be calling the HDRC for help like this. But I need to get out of here. Plus I just got a letter from my land lord that my rent is going up (only by $5.00) but still, I've been here for 14 years now. And I have been so unhappy and haven't had a single update done since I move in here. Sorry for over sharing, but she knows she has me over a barrel here, I have 3 auto immune disorders and many other medical issues that she used to be very empathetic to and I don't know what's happened to her now. She just no longer cares anymore at all! Now my Thyroid is effecting me. I knew years ago they found a nodule on my thyroid, but I went to a specialist and he said it's very common. My Dr. then always kept up with the testing. He now moved and I'm left with this flippent woman of a GP that is only in it for the money. Need to get rid of her now, and see if I can get a blood test tomorrow while I'm at the hospital anyway with 2 appts. back to back. I did feel so sorry for my Mom, she not only had a shade tree that she loved watching her birds every morning, but it was also a tree that gave her some privacy from her kitchen window and I think that was totally unfair for them to just take that away from her. She loves wildlife and birds, and loved waking up to it, watching and hearing the Cardinals and seeing all of the beautiful butterflies and other germinating creatures. Even the honey bees seemed very docile and as if they were trained to be non violent and just be busy worker bees along with all of the humming birds of every color of the rainbow that would stay still just long enough to make out their colors, I even saw a turquoise one, my favorite color. I went on google maps and they really need to update their pictures. That tree is still there on Google maps. I couldn't believe that when I saw that. Oh well, It's been awhile and they must have taken that picture right before they took that tree down. All I see is people raving about how much the love those trees and how glad they are they chose them. Mom moved in when that tree was a bit young yet. I wish I could turn back time, and announce her neighbors were being kicked out by the bank. That would have changed things a lot back then. They wouldn't have had a voice or a leg to stand on. And I believe the bank would have said "Keep that tree!" It only adds to the curb appeal and beauty for the next buyers. Oh well, to late now, Thanks for taking the time to read this. And God Bless to all those that have or have chosen the Mini Crab Apple Trees, you know what I'm talking about!

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