white pine coming back to life?

DebbbbbJuly 9, 2012

Hi - we live 2 hours north of Toronto. A large white pine (probably 60 years old), lost all of its needles this spring. Last year a house was built close to it, and their lot was graded so that the water runs towards the roots of our Pine. We thought the tree was dead. But now...the whole tree has new growth of needles, bright green (not like the 'pine' green), and they are short right now - still growing in. The branches don't seem dry or dead. Can anyone comment on the likelihood of this tree making it? We almost cut it down 2 months ago - now we are thrilled, but don't want to be foolish in our optimism.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

this is very hard without a picture

did it lose all of the old needles this spring..

or did it candle out at the proper time .. and then lose all of this years needles.. and now it is releafing a second time ... in one season???

how close did the big machines come to the trunk ... what is the soil type in general ... how much compaction???

its obviously.. again.. w/o a pic ... trying real hard ..

personally.. i would not hold my breath .. how close is it to the house


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I don't know what candle out means :-( I just know that it had 0 needles about 2 months ago, and now it has what you can see in the photos. Soil type? Don't know - I do know it gets wet in the spring, and even wetter now with the new house draining that way (can you see the drain slope in the photo?), no house is closer than 60' from the tree. Equipment wouldn't have been closer than 30 feet to it. The branches with the needles are bendy. I hope this helps!

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It's struggling Debbbb. It may come out of this, but construction damage is a classic slow killer of trees. You may as well sit back and wait....but not right under the tree!


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