Is this some type of Rugosa rose?

tammyinwv(z6/WV)May 26, 2010

This rose is huge. about a month ago, while weeding I thought about digging it out since I couldnt remember seeing it bloom last yr. Then a few days later, my husband offered to remove it, he said it looked like the wild invasive roses here. Then this morning I went outside and it has a lot of buds on it. One fully open bloom. It is very pretty.They are actually more a light pink than the lavender they appear in the pic. Can you tell me what it is:

And this one shows its size, which is about 5-6 feet tall and wide.


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If it's a wild rose, it may only bloom a few weeks and then that's it for the year. It's very pretty and the shrub looks nice in your I'd keep it, regardless. Does it have any fragrance? It might set nice hips for the bird, too :)

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That is a Damask rose.
It is a very old garden rose - a China rose.

Very perfumey!!!

I grow them too.


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Thanks guys. i hadnt noticed the fragrance when I took the pic, So before I posted i had to go back out and check. I had to grab a chair and climb up onto the 30" reataining wall, and into the bed,lol. Nothing like a little gymnastics mid day.
It does have a wonderfully, soft sweet rose scent. I guess it just got a reprieve,lol. Glad I didnt jumb into pulling it too quick.Thing is, I dont remember planting it. But as big as it is, I am sure it was quite awhile ago.

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It was/is distilled to make rose perfume.
It is still used to make Rose Water or Rose Extract.
In India and other Asian countries, Rose Extract is used for flavoring baked goods, i.e., cookies, puddings, cakes, etc, not vanilla.

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