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blueboy1977(TX9A/B)January 31, 2013

Just received a LSU Purple from Isons Nursery. It's grafted on to another root stock that's about 4 inches tall and one inch thick with plenty roots. The scion that was grafted to it is sending out roots as well at the graft line and there about 7 inches long. I assume when planting it the graft line should be well above the soil line with a grafted fig and the roots from the scion removed? Or should the whole thing be buried if the the scion is sending out roots?

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I'm surprised it's grafted. Are you certain your plant is not a rooted cutting and the scion is the branch that grew? Can you post a pic?

All that said, if it is grafted, the question is why. If the rootstock is intended to dwarf the plant, or is nematode resistant, I would not let the scion take over the roots. In that case I would plant with the graft above ground.

If the rootstock is just intended to get rooting started and has no other advantage, I imagine you could plant so the scion roots also grow.

Maybe the nursery where you bought it could enlighten you. The vast majority of figs are grown from cuttings.

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Here is a pic of the base of my plant. It could be that the plant just branched in to two main stalks and they cut one off for shipping purposes but the cut seems to be healed over well and not fresh at all. This is my first fig so bear with me please! If this is not grafted, will a branch send out roots like that?

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Interesting..... looks grafted to me too!

I looked at the Nursery's website and could not find comments about their figs being grafted, but then I looked at their cherries, which are sure to be grafted, and I couldn't find that info either.

In absence of other advice, I would plant it with the graft above the ground. Maybe the rootstock has some special importance, like increased hardiness. Since the tree has a lot of roots via the rootstock, I would cut off the roots above the graft.

Maybe for reserve, you could also take a cutting from a branch.... I probably would.

I'm still surprised it's grafted. I've grown lots of fig trees from cuttings. It's easy.

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Thanks for the help. I planted it this morning with the graft well above the soil as you can see in the pic. I will go ahead and cut off the roots at the graft line in the morning aswell. Thanks again!

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Why would Ison's GRAFT this LSU-Purple to an understock? Unless LSU_Purple is very difficult to root? Even if it is a difficult grafting anymore certain to produce a sellable/reliable plant? Graft failure = loss of money and unhappy customers. Ison's likes working without a net!

I'm scratching my head....


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LSU purple is a good rootstock that is nematode resistant. Can't imagine any reason to put it on another rootstock. I would assume that they just took the other branch for cuttings. If they did put it on another rootstock you should plant it deep so you get the LSU purple roots.

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wisner_gw wisner

I would plant it deep and cover up all those roots. I don't think you have a grafted tree.

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IMO that photo is inconclusive. I vote bury them all.

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