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geoff_ri(6)January 24, 2012

I'm a novice in growing figs, so pardon my ignorance. I'm considering selling rooted and potted fig cuttings at a local farmer's market. I'm considering doing it for the fun of it and to try to maybe make a few bucks. I've never done this and so I have a lot of questions.

I'd appreciate any resources in this forum, online, or in books that might help me decide whether to pursue this?

Some questions I have involve...

1. How old to sell plants...does it make sense to sell plants in the summer/fall that were rooted that same spring?

2. Pricing for first year, second year, etc. plants?

3. Informational handouts for buyers living in zone 6?

4. Cuttings come from an in-ground plant that I received as a gift several years ago. Do I need to be concerned about copyright protection (maybe that's not the right term) related to making money from the original plant that someone else might have developed? I think that this is an issue, for example, for Monsanto corn and maybe for plants bred for sale at places like Home Depot. Not that I'm worried about getting busted, but I'd like to be considerate of others' hard work.

5. I've also been successful with air layering. Is this a better option?

6. Any other things that I'm not thinking about.

Thanks for any directions to resources and suggestions here.


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You will do best selling trees with figs ripening on them and bring along younger trees for the bargain shoppers. A 3-4 ft. tree with figs on it is worth $25-50 to most people, an air layer in a gallon pot about $10-20. Farmers market sales tend to be really strong in July and August and then slow down a little in September and October is tough. Do not expect to sell anything if it is raining and the market is outside (stay home); bring extras on really nice days. The hardest and most frustrating part for you will probably be dealing with serial plant killers who will want guarantees and magical recipes for success, don't volunteer any advice unless customers ask and keep it simple. Planting, watering, mulching, winter protection.
No need to worry about patents, unless you plan to sell your variety as Violetta Bayerfeige: the only patented fig variety. You can pick up some other varieties cheap on ebay right now from some good sources and try Encanto too. If you plan on doing this longterm you will need to add varieties to get repeat cutomers. Good luck.

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We have them farmers markets here .
If i was going to venture into something like that i would talk to a few of the older folks at the market for starters and idea's .

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I would not sale any plant that I did not grow 12 months from rooted potted date.
I would not sale a 1 gallon (3 quart) plant like a fig for less then $9.95.
I would charge $15.00 if I was going to guarantee it for one year.
If you sale cutting A for $9.95 in one gallon pot & cutting B
in two gallon pot(same size plant) I would charge $14.95.
Any plant more then 24 months old should be in a 3 gallon pot, you should charge by height & width of plant.
Go to local nurseries, look for prices & if they do not have them in stock, ask how much they would be.
Good Luck.

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