Two Different Seed Catalogues

SeaOtterCove(2b BC)January 8, 2011

I've been online looking for heirloom, short season, seeds for our climate and I happened to find a couple really good nurseries that sell them online. I am going to be getting my vegetable seeds from these two companies this year. Their prices are good and they have some neat vegetable and flower seeds and ones that I have been looking for such as Strawberry spinach (which you have to try it is REALLY good), and Mandan Banquet which is a squash that I had last summer for the first time (and it is also really good). Their websites are:


Here is a link that might be useful: Heritage Harvest Seed

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Well hi. I was reading your post and was ready to suggest a company to you.......what do you's Heritage Harvest Seed from Manitoba. It just so happens I phoned them yesterday for a catalogue.

Where did I hear of them? I happened to be in a Chapters Book Store and Hugo Bonjean, an author was just inside the store selling his two books. He used to be an executive and now lives somewhere near Calgary and grows pretty much most of his own food. It was such a delight to talk to him that I bought both of his books, even though I wasn't absolutely positive what they were about. During our conversation he mentioned Heritage Harvest Seeds, and that's how I came to know about them. He highly recommended them.

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bdgardener(3 AB)

Hi Syreeta, saw your post about heirloom veg, I have some tomato seeds for some heirloom varieties and some short season ones. Check out my post for SASBE on canadian garden exchange. If you want anything would be happy to send them your way. Cheryl

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I got some Strawberry spinach seed here in Sherwood park at greenhouse couple years ago but never used it. They have these seeds evey year. Anyone wants mine they are welcome to them if I can find the Pkg

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