Fast growing privacy screen for partial shade?

JLSW(6)August 7, 2014

I back up to houses on a busy, four lane road. Neighbors are not very neighborly, so there is a privacy as well as a noise issue.

Previous owners planted honeysuckle all along the back fence line, which poses a number of problems:
*The amount of time spent battling it into submission and killing its offspring is ridiculous
*It's not evergreen so no privacy or noise control much of the year
* It arches fairly high, so the only real privacy is about 12 ft off the ground AND
* I flipping hate honeysuckle

Would love to get rid of this messy, spreading plant and actually reclaim some yard, preferably with something evergreen, dense, and fast-growing. It is partly shady due to some very tall trees (tulip and oak) but I think it'll be a lot sunnier with honeysuckle obliterated.

Was looking at Thuja Green Giant as an inexpensive, fast-growing choice but have read words of caution about how tall they get- we do have overhead power lines. I'm on a budget but trying to get my yard into some kind of shape before my son'a HS grad party next spring.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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I consider Thuja Green Giant the absolute best choice for fast growing privacy. They do get big, both tall and wide, but if you plant them as a hedge, say 6ft apart, that does slow down their height a bit.

If you want something not as tall, than it can't be fast growing. Trees never stop growing, so if they are fast growing now, they will continue to grow fast in 10 years. You can sheer them to contain the size, but it depends on how much work you want to do and how high you can allow them to grow.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Power lines huh? That nixes Green Giant. Where are you located Jen and what's your soil like? Partial shade is likely to keep you in the category of full sun plants, and that allows for most anything (dependent upon soil type.)



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