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kiplor(z5Indiana)October 18, 2011

How about a forum dedicated to helping grow our list of "favorite" garden foods? Suggestions from others have always helped me to expand my menu of healthy eating from the garden and I am always amazed at the bounty of flavors that nature provides. But all taste buds are not the same, and finding new varieties to match one's palate becomes a daunting task when simply relying on the adjectives of seed catalogs. So how about sharing our tastes in a format like this:

If you like MacIntosh apples, you might also like Jonathon apples.

If you like Opalka tomatoes, you might also like Jersey Devil tomatoes.

If you like Roma tomatoes, you might also like Amish Paste tomatoes.

If you like Contender green beans, then you might also like Burpee Tendergreen green beans.

If you like Granex onions, then you might also like Candy onions.

If you like Iceberg head lettuce, then you might also like Great Lakes head lettuce.

Perhaps even add some comments as to why you like your particular choices would further improve the discussion.

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