when/how to prune old fig trees

sdr01January 7, 2012

We have recently taken over the old family homestead. On the property are 3 very old (over 30 years old) fig trees, planted about 6 feet apart, that have been overlooked for many years. They now stand over 15 feet tall and span approximately 6 feet out around the base of the trees. Last year they produced a huge crop of extremely small figs that did not ripen (except for the ones at the very top that the crows ate).

I would like to trim them down to about 6 feet in height. Is this okay or will I kill the trees? How do I go about doing this and more importantly what is the best month to trim fig trees in East Texas?

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It is not, but large trees need some care.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prune Fig tree

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Thin and trim in April.
Yes you got it right.
They are not getting ripe properly when so dense.
You want to have no more than 3 to five thick branches(trunks),coming from the ground.
\Remove all else.

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It is hard to kill a fig tree by pruning, or by anything else. Anecdote: An old Greek guy died in August here in Florida. He had a small black fig tree. His heir, a friend of mine, tore out the whole yard including the fig tree. It sat in the pile of waste cuttings out in the Florida sun, roots exposed, for three days. When I went by, I grabbed it and brought it home and planted it in my sandy yard. My friend scoffed, as did my wife. I never watered it a second time. But come late November, the top of that dried-up-stick of a tree put out a leaf. Today, in mid-January, it has several leaves. That tells you how hardy fig trees can be.

But for you, with these ancient, wonderful trees, pruning back will indeed bring you great results. Cut away to your heart's content. Top them at will to keep the fruit down where you can reach it. You are a lucky person to take possession of this property with these trees. Please do water and fertilize these trees, and you will reap the rewards for years to come.

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I'm pretty certain fig trees will someday grow on the moon.

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