Three all time favorite garden shows?

shade_tolerantNovember 29, 2003

Curious to know everyones' three favorite garden shows past or present? Also no fair to criticize shows or hosts, just which ones you like and why.

My three in order of preference:

A Gardener's Journal- excellent, informative and more suited to my climate.

Gardenener's Diary- also excellent, informative, more for warmer climates

Grow It-Nice, good feeling garden show, knowledgeable host

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I used to love watching "In A Country Garden", because the hosts were an elderly couple who were just delightful. In one episode, they were having a pond put in, and their dogs wandered in to help. The Pekenese wasn't much of a problem, he just sort of wagged himself around here and there, and stayed out of the way, but the Labrador went right in to help lay the stone! I really miss that show.

That's about the only one I really liked. We don't get HGTV here, so the gardening programs available are really limited.

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