didn't get fig into hibernation in time...

pandorajJanuary 28, 2013

Hey folks,
We are new to figs, bought a little tree this summer, then brought it inside this early winter. We are learning as we go with it, and didn't manage to get it into the basement soon enough for some dormant time.... then we went away for several weeks for the holidays.

Upon our return, the fig has put out some major growth, as in close to two feet of new stem wood with leaves on the primary stem and about a foot on the two others! So much that it is even falling over. I feel worried about putting it in the basement now that it has put out so much new growth. Also worried about it's current crazy growth trajectory!

Should I do it anyway?

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If grew that much in a short amount of time then it sounds like it's not receiving enough light. This will cause the new growth to be weak and spindly resulting in it falling over. You might want to consider in either cutting half of the new growth off and supporting it or just supporting the whole thing by using some stakes and some twist ties loosely on the branches. The tree needs to be moved somewhere to get enough sunlight. If that's notossible then you can use some grow lights. Hope that helps you.
Good luck!

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I think cutting each branch about 1/3 to 1/2 off will help in supporting itslef as well as branching out of new shoots. Then pinch the summer growth on all branches after every 6th leaf on each new branch. This pinching practice helps formation of fig embryos than elongation of the branches.
You may search for other post for "Pinching" to know more about it.

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A fig grower is having a similar problem,
see http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/fig/msg0100002812153.html?8

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