Help with rooting dormant fig cuttings

kenny_bln(Berlin Germany)January 28, 2006

Hello from Berlin Germany

I need help Step by Step to root figs from 6 to 8 inch dormant tips, or what ever will pack easy in a suitcase :-) . I am from North Carolina living in Berlin , and want a start from the figs growing in my parents garden . Someone will be comming next week so I can put in my order for what ever I need from the fig bush . the ground here is frozen now so I will need to do the rooting indoors to get a head start for spring

Thanks for the help in advance


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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Wrap the cutting in moist/damp (not wet) paper and place in a plastic bag in frig for three weeks. Leave the bottom end (where the roots will grow) sticking out of the moist paper, so they will dry/callus, which helps prevent rotting.

Then plant in a clear plastic cup (So you can see root development) with either a well draining potting soil (high % of perlite) or in pure vermiculite (my favorite) and keep them warm.

The biggest enemy is excess moisture.

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sergnic(z9 Italy)

Very good, pitangadiego, quite a curiosity the putting on transparent plastic cup, but very well.
Very good also dry and give a callus to the cutted end.
The moisture is dangerous overall in the bottom of the pot (flooded by staying water), instead e.g. if you put the cutting on running water of the brooks may be there is no problem (of course in hot summer).
If you have more than a single cutting conserve any in fridge till warmer season (frost free).
In warmer season and outside is aesier if light and temperatures are sufficient, also only because it is easier to have a pot free, without dangerous water retaining under-pot.
Bury the cuttings 3/4 of its lengh.

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My 2 cents....

I recently rooted some small fig cuttings by placing them in plastic cups (holes drilled in the bottoms) in "seed starting medium". Prior to placing them in the rooting medium I dipped them briefly in Dip'n Grow rooting hormone (they say this isnt necessary but I did it anyway). I placed them on a warming mat (about 75 degrees F). I kept them moist and left them open to the surrounding air.

These cuttings are all growing visibly about 45 days later. Some signs of life could be seen at 30 days.

I used the seed starting medium because it was easy and I didnt want to buy special ingredients. Placing the cuttings in any warm place, such as on top of the fridge, should do as well, until they start growing leaves.

There are many web sites on starting figs from cuttings. I suspect that a variety of methods will work.

On a separate note (another 2 cents) - Other than sentimental value of the figs from home, is there a reason not to use figs from Germany, or at least Europe? Doing so might avoid importation issues. They might be hard to find in Berlin, but I bet they exist in Southern Germany.

Good luck!

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kenny_bln(Berlin Germany)

Hello to all
thanks for you help , and it just for sentimental reasons no other I can get figs plants here but it just not the same als from my parents garden :-)
again thanks a lot for your help

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Just wondering if the plastic bag should be sealed airtight? Thanks. Rocco.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Yes. The point is to maintain moisture.

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sergnic(z9 Italy)

Kenny, I've read (now) your question about rooting of cuttings of figs.
Of course if there are important meanings in cultivate American-cuttings-come-from-Europe-and-in-Europe-to-be-returned (or for other sentimental) this is perfect.
Take into account however that in Italy there are almost hundred different varieties of figs.
Of course there are some problem about parthenocarpic or needing-pollen, but one cultivator of figs (in Berlin), has no problem about this type of smallness.
For Eukofios, unfortunately in south of Germany there is no possibility about figs, in fact this territory is the north side of the Alpes ridge, cold and subject to north wind.
The south ridge (in Italy) a lot more warm is also too cold, except along the main lakes, quite big and deep, around the lakes there are small climatic "islands" where in particular protected site also lemon and orange may grow, and also figs.
Normally (very slowly) figs become to be in more presents in more quantity going to the south, but every in naturally protected sites.
Only on the sea cost (overall in west side coast) figs become very frequent and also wild.
bye, s

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