Lots of flowers=yes///lots of rocks=?

Nancy5050(7a - 7b)November 18, 2003

Is there any hardscape to cottage gardens or is it strictly lots and lots of flowers,then more flowers-not that I dont like flowers .Im in the process of doing the lots or flowers ,but my main love is lots and lots of rocks.Im slowly building a river and assorted rock patio,still very incomplete,but by the time its completed am hoping to have lots of flowers and ect growing all around it and on it in pots---if you would like to see my unfinished project go to --- http://community.webshots.com/user/nancyb5050

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Gardens are SO individualistic--each one reflects the artistry and personality of its creator. If you look at a dozen cottage gardens, you will see a dozen different ways of putting it together. If you love rocks, by all means, add rocks! (I can't get enough rocks, either . . .it's genetic, BTW, my mother was the same way.) I don't think there is any right or wrong way to put a garden together--do what you like, the way you want it.

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