Small pinaceae cultivars

liopleurodon(Z8)August 13, 2012


There is an approx. 3x15 meters (10x50 feet) spot next to our house which is/was covered with bamboo. I'm currently getting rid of all the bamboo and I'm allowed to do with those 45 square meters whatever I want. As you can imagine I'd really like to plant some conifers there.

Due to the proximity to our house and the fence I (sadly) cannot plant some real "forest" species there.

Are there any cultivars of undermentioned species which look very much like their natural, forest species, except grow smaller? I don't want the trees to get higher than about 6 meters (20 feet).

I'd really like to have a:

- Tsuga (preferably something like a Tsuga Heterophylla)

- Picea Pungens

- Picea Abies

- Picea Sitchensis

- Picea Omorika

- Larix Decidua

- Any other suggestions?

Are there any cultivars of those available which would suit my needs? (No strange shapes, not weeping etc; just like the real species but smaller?)

Thank you very much!

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Liop, I think it's better for you that you pay a visit to my nursery, I guess that I can help you out with all the items you're looking for.
My nursery is in the south of The Netherlands, right between Eindhoven and Nijmegen.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


yes.. you need to see some 'cultivar' alternatives .. in person ... i doubt you will find any species in your size range ...

the key for you.. is the annual growth rate.. see link ... its all about.. how big it is when you get it.. and how fast it will exceed your space ...

if you were to limit yourself to mini's .... it will take many.. many years.. to outgrow your area ...

and finally ... i would prefer you get some things that make your toes tingle [wonder how that] ... and get rid of them in 5 or 10 years.. rather than select a bunch of stuff that 'fits' .... a few prime specimen for sure ...

pix below.. to how many you could get into a very small space ...

good luck

the area on the left is about 6 feet wide ... the far side.. about 3 ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Thank you for your replies and the invitation.

I'm currently having resits/re-examinations or whatever it is called in English and removing the bamboo is a massive job.
Is it ok that I'll send you an email (at once I've finished both (I hope it won't take too long, but the removal of the rhyzomes of the bamboo is a hell of a job, especially since we have so much of it)?

@Ken, thank you for the link. I didn't know the growth rate differed that much between different cultivars. I first wanted to put "normal" species there; but was quite astonished by the 15cm / 0.5ft growth of my small Norway Spruce in the back of the garden (where it may grow taller of course) which is now 60cm / 2ft high.

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Always possible to visit my collection for some idea,
10 km south of CHARLEROI (Belgium)

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Liop, of coarse it's ok with me that you send me an email when you're done with your jobs.
Good luck with removing the bamboos!
In the meanwhile you can always visit my website which does have the same name as my email address.

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