Best Petunias from seed

cdnbacons(z3Alta)January 9, 2011

Just wondering what variety of Petunias from seed that you have had the best results with in hanging baskets. Perhaps its my lack of attention, but any I have grown get leggy and ugly come August. Has anyone been pleased with the Avalanche series? Thanks

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Not an answer to your specific question, and forgive me if I refer you to something that's way below your experience level, but there's a video by Doug Green on YouTube called container-pruning that explains why it's important to always take off the growing tip. If you're like me, I used to deadhead by just taking off the bloom and had terrible looking petunias by mid season. Last year I took off the tips, and they were much better.

BTW Are petunias easy from seed?

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I grow Fantasy petunias from seed each year. They do very well in baskets or planters. I've never had a need to prune them because they don't really get to long. Mine are usually planted in window boxes. Petunias are very easy to grow from seed. Last year I even winter sowed some. Marg

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Thank you both for your replies. Stokes doesn't have Fantasy listed but it is mentioned in the Picobella series. Wonder if Picobella is Stokes replacement for Fantasy?
hey Nuts, I will go to Doug Green and watch the video. Thank you. Petunia seeds are very easy to grow from seed but you can't get the 'latest and greatest' types in seed. Sure wish Million Bells could be grown from seed. They are my favorite.

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William Dam Seeds has Picobella and calls them the replacement for Fantasy. I like the Fantasy because they are very reliable. I tried the Picobella last year and no germination, don't know what I did wrong. I'll try again this year, maybe have better luck. Marg

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bdgardener(3 AB)

I have been growing the Primetime series for year. Some years I have even been able to collect great seeds from them. 10-14 inches and hardy. Range of colors and no problems so far with germination. Cheryl

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I've done mostly waves and found them easy to grow, but i do have the problem of ugly petunias by late July or early August. You're supposed to give them a good haircut at some point in the summer, but i always find that hard to do when they're blooming so nicely.

I have also rooted cuttings in the summer and had nice plants into the fall.

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bdgardener(3 AB)

Hey has anyone collected seed from wave or rambling petunias? I think most of them are hybrids, do they get as big the following year from seed? Or is it worth trying to root some in the fall and winter over for cuttings in the spring? Just curious. Bought some seed this year, only eight in the packet, and only 4 have decided to germinate.

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I haven't found any petunia seeds to germinate easier or more difficult from each other as long as the seed was stored well,they seem to have good storage life. I bought tidal wave seeds 8+ years ago and have over wintered cuttings from the original plants since. I still get the occational seedling pop up in the flowerbed under where the tidal wave baskets use to hang.....Jean

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Silver waves come back as silver waves - i've found that out. :) And white and yellow ones are true from seed as well. I have also overwintered cuttings, but really don't have the room to do it.

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bdgardener(3 AB)

good to know, just checked my records and I bought "Blue Wave" I'll try both and see what happens. Too expensive not to try, eh?

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