Planted an LSU Purple whip from Just Fruits

kumquat1January 16, 2012

and Exotics early in November. Little green buds have persisted in greenness. We have had some cold weather, even frosts, but it is still looking ready to pop out with leaves and fruit buds as soon as weather permits. I have been putting coffee grounds, banana peelings, overripe bananas, etc, around the little trunk. Watering when we have a dry week. Should I pick any little fruits off the first year?

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Hi ! I would pick off any young fruit buds , this first year. Let all growing energy go to the roots and tree.
LSU purple is a nice choice. Good tasting figs after the first couple of years. Enjoy the hobby!!

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Thanks, Fred! Seems like a good idea.

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In my yard, LSU Purple has the property of leafing out early in the spring and dropping its leaves late in the fall. It is a very good tasting fig. To get if off to a real good start, always keep the ground moist for the first year after it is planted.

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Pinching them all off is a good idea but you might want to leave 1 or 2 so you can try them out.

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I know this will be hard to do. However, pinch all of those little figs off. Too much energy is usually wasted when a young tree tries to ripen those figs. That energy is best utilized in the formation of new roots. Leave too many figs on your young tree this summer and next spring it could very well be dead.

FYI. I recently received a nice 3 1/2 ft fig tree whip from Just Fruits and Exotics. They sell very nice fruit trees and do a great job of packing & shipping them. The first thing I did after receiving my fig tree was to cut 1 1/2 feet off of the top. (made the cut about 1/2 inch above a viable node.) That was done for several reasons:

1) this pruning will help bring the young trees root-mass into better balance with its top branch. 2) this pruning will force new branches to emerge from along side of the whip. 3) the 1 1/2 feet portion that was cut off gave me two very nice cuttings that I am now rooting for a back up tree.

When this new tree gets planted in the ground in a couple of weeks, I will be planting it 4 inches deeper than the soil line of the original container. By planting it deeper than the original soil line, new roots will have a place to emerge above those already established on my new tree. You can do this easy trick when planting your tree to get it off to a real good start.

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Great suggestions! Thanks.

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