Sciadopitys verticillata cultivars.

magnolavastic(z6/7 Norway)August 3, 2008

I am growing some 40 cultivars of Sciadopitys verticillata in Norway. Precipitation 1800 mm, years (average). 6,3 C. Extremes: -20 C - + 34 C.

I have been collecting plants for 40 years. Especially conifers and magnolias.

Especially interested in pendulous forms of Sciadopitys, and multitepaled forms from Oyama section; magnolias.

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I have sciadopitys verticillata also the cultivar pigmea
very distinct from the species do you have a list of the
sciadopitys cultivars you have?

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magnolavastic(z6/7 Norway)

Best rating 5 asterix (*****)

A. Sciadopitys verticilla cultivars in my collection, N-4438 Sira, Norway.

ÂAnn Haddow 2003, 2 plants available. From Arboretum Trompenburg (syn. ÂAurea TrompenburgÂ) Yellow. variegated form. Orange colored branches. Spectacular. ****
ÂCream Star (cream colored needles; lost. Not hardy?) **
ÂDuke University 2000 ****
ÂFeuerwerk, Clone 1 2001 ***
ÂFeuerwerk Clone 2 1992 ***
ÂFeuerwerk Clone 3 2001 ***
ÂFoxtail 2001 ÂSpeerspitze ? (synonym ?) ***
ÂGold Star 1995 ? ****
ÂGoldstuck **** 2004
ÂGolden Pendula 2000, 2003 ****
ÂGolden RissÂ, listed by Grübele, not in my collection.
ÂGolden Rush 1985 *****
ÂGoldmähne 2003 ****
ÂGreen Star 1988 ****
ÂGrüne Kugel 1999 ****
ÂJeddeloh Compact 1995 ***
ÂJim Cross 2001 **
ÂJoe Kozey 2001 *****
ÂJohn Mitch Compacta 2001 ****
ÂMecki 1990 *****
ÂMegaschirm 2003 (syn. ÂLong LeafÂ?) ****
ÂKnirps (listed by Krüssmann) (syn. ÂMecki ?)
ÂKugelblitz ****
ÂKupferschirm (syn. ÂCopper TopÂ) ***
ÂLong Leaf (syn. ÂLong NeedlesÂ, similar to ÂWintergreenÂ, but not the same). 1988
ÂMecki 1988 (not the same as ÂKnirpsÂ? Wittboldt-Müller claims it is.) *****
ÂOssorio Gold 2000 + 2 stk. 2003
ÂPapagei (syn. ÂVariegataÂ?) 2003 Name used by Uwe Langwald.
ÂPendula (?) Several forms existing, probably not the Tokyo form 1988. More dwarf, my form not pendulous after 15 years. Spectacular color (yellow/cream) on new needles. I must have the true form. One bad plant from Grübele was pendulous, but not healthy on arrival. Lost. *** New source in Georgia discovered. Working hard to obtain one plant.
ÂPerlenglanz 2000 ****
ÂPicola 1995 *****
ÂPygmy 1995 (doubts about it is true to name) ****
ÂRel Dwarf 2001 ****
ÂRichies Cushion 2001 *
ÂRoslyn Parasol 2000 ****
ÂSeedling IÂ, one trunk, from From 1980 ****
ÂSeedling IIÂ, several trunks, broad form. From 1970. (Approx.) ***
ÂShorty **
ÂSpeerspitze ***
ÂSpiralez (not consistent) * Habit "disappeared"! Not consistent.
ÂStarburst 2003 ****
ÂSternschnuppe From 1985 (approx.) Two forms? *****
ÂSunburst ****
ÂWintergreen (ÂWinter GreenÂ?) 1998 *****
ÂYellow Dream (have not got this one yet) ****

This old list is not updated. I have more cultivars now.

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redwingconifer(z5 MI)

Hi magnolavastic-

There is a pendulous form that is S.v. 'Hinge Form' that seems very nice. You have quite an impressive collection of Sciadopitys. I only have 5, but my 2 favorites are 'picola' and 'sternschnuppe I'. I was suprised to see that you rated 'Mecki' so highly(5 stars). From the photos that I have seen- it seems rather plain. I will have to reconsider for a possible future purchase.

I am very interested in your decsription of 'Ann Haddow'- is this a dwarf or full size cultivar?

Do you know Dennis Dodge/Bethlehem Nursery? He has an extensive inventory of Sciadopitys. I put a link to his website below.

It would be nice if you could post some photos of your cultivars. Many of the forms in your colection are rarely seen by anyone except diehard enthusiasts.

thanks, shannon

Here is a link that might be useful: Bethlehem Nursery

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magnolavastic(z6/7 Norway)

Sciadopitys verticillata 'Ann Haddow' is a full size Sciadopitys. 'H�ngeform' (in the US 'Hingeform') is a showy form as the shoots is pendulous, not the whole tree. Easy to grow. I know the Bethlehem Nursery. My old 'Sternschnuppe' is between 3 and 4 m tall now. One of the largest available.

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